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A Week’s Worth of Outfit Ideas For Fall 2017

I am so excited to dress for fall weather. There’s something about the turtlenecks, jackets, and boots that make me want to try a little harder with my outfits each day. Below I’ve styled 7 looks, one for each day of the week to inspire you this season. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite! monday Jacket | Donna Morgan Monday’s are hard, so don’t make it harder on yourself by overthinking your outfit. A classic trench is fail-safe for fall, and It’s a great piece to help transition you into the cold winter temps. I love it with a basic white tee and ripped skinnys. Where to Wear it: To grab groceries, run errands, go to class tuesday Dress | Free People Sweater dresses are a must for me when it comes around this time of year. What I love about this one are the sleeves. They’ve got a bell shape that actually fit the length of my arms, a cute little ruffle detail, and the varsity …

How Far Could You Stretch $10 At the Thrift Store? | Video

Watch as fellow fashion blogger, Alli ( and I battle it out in a styling challenge. With only $10 to spend, we picked out an outfit from St. Vincent De Paul that best described our personal style. WE WANT YOU TO DECIDE THE WINNER! SO LEAVE YOUR COMMENT BELOW! To check out another collaborative video between us, check out Alli’s channel (…). We styled three looks with different themes. That one is also a styling challenge, so tell us the winner there as well.

A Week of Serving Looks (I Wore a New Purchase Each Day)

The week before last was a good week. My hairstyles were on point everyday, I actually put thought into my outfits consistently, and I got to sport a new find each day from shopping the weekend prior. Let’s see the lewks… Day 1 // All in One Piece Kay, so first the hair. Literally every time I do it it comes out different than the last. So it’s always a surprise to me when I undo the twists or braids from the night before. I also use different products sometimes. I found one that makes my hair super soft, light, and fluffy. I love how full this came out looking while still retaining a coil. I finally found a pair of overalls that work for me! Hallelujah. It’s only been two years (despite my love of dramatizing everything, I am being so serious. It’s been 2 years). Funnily enough, I found these in Forever21. A place I no longer shop at, but happened to be in there shopping for a client I styled. I love …

This Is What Happens When I Ask My Brother to Model

When I ask him to just laugh and smile… When I want him to be normal… When I say, “do something with action”… Finally, a decent one… This one’s not bad either… …And we’re back… 😩 As you can tell my 17-year-old brother, Niles is very silly. I asked him to model this sweater from Amazon online shop, Meters Bonwe for me, something I was given to review. He typically wears sweatpants and t-shirts, so this wasn’t exactly up his alley, but I think it looks nice on him. It still pairs well with the sporty look, but seems more polished. Next time I’d like him to wear it with jeans though. Lol. Meters Bonwe has some pretty nice clothing for men. The sweater was delivered quickly, and was of higher quality than I expected. Right now it’s on sale for $18.99–  a steal!

Men, It’s Time to Borrow From the Girls (Don’t Worry You’ll Still Look Masculine)

Women are familiar with “Borrowing from the boys” when it comes to style. We’ve got “boyfriend jeans”, “boyfriend blazers”, and oversized menswear inspired shirts. In the age of defying gender norms, it’s now becoming more mainstream for guys to borrow from the girls (about time!). Men, especially heterosexual men, often complain there’s not a lot of options for them when it comes to fashion, but in reality, they may just need to expand their view. So, men– here’s how to incorporate “traditional womenswear” into your wardrobe in an effort to take your style to the next level. WAIT. Don’t click out of this post just yet! Keep an open mind… I promise you’ll still look masculine. 1. Grandma’s Shawl Yes, the model looks like he’s wearing a blanket he grabbed from the couch or perhaps his grandmother’s shawl. BUT, doesn’t he look good? Well, I mean the outfit. The look reads as fashion forward. What makes it particular successful is the monochromatic element. Imagine him without the shawl. Eh… Now with he shawl? FIRE 🔥 …

My Current Obsession: Embellished Denim

Denim has always been and will always be on trend. It’s an undeniable classic that is constantly evolving and redone to look “updated and fresh.” This season, one of the ways denim is being treated is with embellishments and embroidery. I’ve partnered with STS Blue and E-shakti to review the pearl pair and floral embroidered pair you see below.   STS Blue: Embellished Taylor Tomboy Boyfriend Jeans I love a good paradox, and these jeans are just that. They’re sweet and feminine with the pearl detailing, but boyish and a little tough because of the fit and the small tear in the thigh. I decided to pair these with pastel colors and really play up the saccharine side of the denim. The jeans fit pretty well. I often have a hard time finding pants that fit me in the waist (they’re usually too big), without being too tight in the thigh or ankle. I definitely need a belt with these, but the loose boyfriend fit means it’s at least roomy in the thigh. STS blue …

This Is What Every Fall/Winter Outfit Needs

Something is missing in this outfit. Can you tell what it is? Here’s a hint: It will go on the upper half of my body. It’s a blanket scarf! Yes, it’s back. I talked about it last year and I am bringing it up again this year. Around this time of season, when it’s just now starting to get nippy out, this scarf can literally be worn as a way to cover your arms. It’s a great option if you’re not quite cold enough to commit to a coat. And when it does climb to freezing temps, this baby is just what you need to bundle up with and wrap tightly around your neck. A neutral option like this one from Tj Maxx ($20!) is perfect because it literally goes with everything! Shop the look! All photos taken by Jack Soltysik

I am an Adult Woman, And I Enjoy Wearing Tutus

When I first saw this Mystree tutu dress in the boutique I work at, I thought it was so cool. It took me a while to actually purchase it because I needed to convince myself I’d actually wear it. I tried it on, and all of a sudden the ideas started rolling. I can wear it with a sweater on top, or throw a cardigan over it. I can pair jeans with it, or my Adidas track pants, I can wear a long sleeve top underneath… I knew this would be a special weapon in my wardrobe. And I was right! I wear this thing more often than I’d like to admit. When I feel like my outfit needs that extra something, I add in the tutu and it gives me that edge I wanted. I really want to do a full lookbook showing how I wear this thing. For now, enjoy these lovely photos taken by Yanping Nora Soong. If you love dressing in a unique way, and like adding a little quirk to …

I Bought The Perfect 21st Birthday Dress For $12.99!

On October 3rd, I turned 21. Leading up to the big day, my first thoughts were not “what will my first legal drink be,” but instead “what will I wear??” Let me just preface this post by saying, I am not a party girl. I’ve never had a fake ID,  and while I’ve had a few drinks here and there before my 21st (sshh), it was never something I partook in regularly. With that being said, I don’t really own any club dresses, or sexy party outfits. I see a lot of girls at my college who wear these skin tight bodycon dresses, and while it looks great on them, it’s just not for me! I don’t want everyone to see each and every curve, and all the bones in my body. But alas, this was my big birthday. I felt obligated to find a dress that was a little out of my comfort zone– something sexy, but still me. I checked the typical stores that I thought would have what I was looking for: …

The Best of London Fashion Week S/S 17 Street Style

When people ask me, “Where do you get your style inspiration from?” I often say: “The street!” Street style has really taken over our culture. What’s being worn to the shows during fashion week, is just as important as the clothes being shown on the runway. Here are my top picks from London Fashion Week Spring 2017. If I had to describe the images below in one word, I would choose “cheeky.” From the book held as a clutch, to the lettermen jackets, and handpainted word art… one thing is certain: fashion is meant to be fun! All images via