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Men, It’s Time to Borrow From the Girls (Don’t Worry You’ll Still Look Masculine)

Women are familiar with “Borrowing from the boys” when it comes to style. We’ve got “boyfriend jeans”, “boyfriend blazers”, and oversized menswear inspired shirts. In the age of defying gender norms, it’s now becoming more mainstream for guys to borrow from the girls (about time!). Men, especially heterosexual men, often complain there’s not a lot of options for them when it comes to fashion, but in reality, they may just need to expand their view. So, men– here’s how to incorporate “traditional womenswear” into your wardrobe in an effort to take your style to the next level.

WAIT. Don’t click out of this post just yet! Keep an open mind… I promise you’ll still look masculine.

1. Grandma’s Shawl

Yes, the model looks like he’s wearing a blanket he grabbed from the couch or perhaps his grandmother’s shawl. BUT, doesn’t he look good? Well, I mean the outfit. The look reads as fashion forward. What makes it particular successful is the monochromatic element. Imagine him without the shawl. Eh… Now with he shawl? FIRE 🔥


2. Layer Jewelry

I think this is a really sexy way to keep your look modern. And I am not just saying that because the model’s shirt is off. Scroll through and take a look at how the subtlety of the jewelry accentuates his outfit in each photo. I feel like jewelry is one of those fine lines for guys. They may wear a bracelet or necklace here and there, but I promise it’s okay to expand! Stack a few rings, add some wrist bling… You’ll love it, I swear.


3. Add Charm

Perhaps this is a throwback to your Boy Scout days with the iron on patches. Or maybe not, but either way this is such a cheeky element that will guarantee you to stand out among the boring. Have fun with this! Make a unique statement. Throw on a broach or two.


4. Girlfriend Pants

This last one may be the most adventurous, but would get you so many brownie points for being “innovative” and “unbelievably cool.” So what I need you to do, is borrow your girlfriend’ s silk PJ bottoms. Or your moms. Or, just go to the store and get them. Next, assemble an outfit you’d typically wear if you had on jeans.  See? Not so bad! You know you look good. Don’t lie to yourself. If you try this, and are able to pull it off with confidence, don’t be surprised if your bro comes the next day wearing something similar.


Alright! That’s it. Fly my little butterfly, FLY! You’ve got this. Feel free to thank me later.

This post was inspired by the 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Fall 2017 collection. To see more click here. 

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