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I Bought The Perfect 21st Birthday Dress For $12.99!


On October 3rd, I turned 21. Leading up to the big day, my first thoughts were not “what will my first legal drink be,” but instead “what will I wear??” Let me just preface this post by saying, I am not a party girl. I’ve never had a fake ID,  and while I’ve had a few drinks here and there before my 21st (sshh), it was never something I partook in regularly. With that being said, I don’t really own any club dresses, or sexy party outfits. I see a lot of girls at my college who wear these skin tight bodycon dresses, and while it looks great on them, it’s just not for me! I don’t want everyone to see each and every curve, and all the bones in my body. But alas, this was my big birthday. I felt obligated to find a dress that was a little out of my comfort zone– something sexy, but still me.

I checked the typical stores that I thought would have what I was looking for: Forever21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, etc. Nothing. And then one day I happened to be in Union Square and walked past a Goodwill on my way to Nordstrom Rack. I made a mental note to swing back. With no luck at Nordstrom Rack, I was about ready to give up, but remembered to stop in Goodwill. I headed straight to the dress rack and flipped through stumbling upon this sparkly, black number. I checked for a tag that would tell me what size it was and didn’t see one. I went to try it on praying it would fit. It fit like a glove! Literally like it was made for me.


Because there wasn’t a tag, I also didn’t know how much it was until I got to the register. Some of the other dresses on the rack were priced at $30-$40 (for Goodwill? Uh, no thank you). So imagine my relief when she told me it was $12.99. Now that is a STEAL.

What I like most about the dress is that it’s sexy, flattering, and I feel confident in it. I think the length of it, and the fact that it has sleeves makes it modest, but the low neck, tight fit, and sparkles make it fit for a night out. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I feel like this dress embodies what this blog is about– looking good for less! Check out the images below for a few similar options you can purchase online. But if you really want to save some extra bucks, don’t be afraid to head to your local thrift store.


All Photos taken by Yanping Nora Soong

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