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The Thrifted Find I Always Get Compliments On

Years ago I found this Jones New York fur lined coat in a resale boutique called Snooty Fox here in Cincinnati. If you live in Cincy, you probably know what I am talking about– it’s awesome! If I remember correctly it was $30. Yet, whenever I wear this coat I feel like I am a celebrity wearing a fancy, expensive (faux) fur. That’s the power of clothes. Throwing this coat on over top whatever I wear, albeit track pants and sneakers, instantly makes me feel too cool for school.

What I love about this coat the most is the warmth it provides. It’s like I am wrapped in my coziest blanket. Not a lot of coats I’ve seen have the fur on the inside, but it makes more sense to me, than to have it the other way around.

Here’s what I wore underneath. Don’t you love this cold shoulder sweater? It feels like cashmere, but it was only $20 bucks at Hollister. Also, peep the sunglasses from FLOWER EYEWEAR. I did a review on them here. 

Okay, back to the coat… 😂


Photographs Taken by Chloe Sparkman

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