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Minetta Lane





Cold Shoulder Top: Free People    High-Waisted Jeans: Urban Outfitters     Boots: Nine West      Jewelry: Forever21




My last photoshoot in New York City was with photographer, Kadijah Nichole. I was excited to squeeze in one more shoot before I had to leave the beautiful city. I am uploading it here as well as in my modeling portfolio because it has that lifestyle/blogger quality to it. I thought I’d make it work for both places and just go into more detail about my outfit here. Two birds with one stone, ya know?

Can we talk about this coat? On the last day of my internship my AE (account executive I was paired with and worked alongside for 4 months) gifted me with my choice of anything from the F/W 16 Belstaff collection. My jaw dropped to the floor when he said this! Belstaff is a premiere, luxury designer label that specializes in leathers and outerwear. I’d always dreamt about owning one of their fabulous coats. After taking my time going through the rack in the showroom, I settled on this stunner. I love the boyish fit of it, the asymmetrical shearling detail, the quality of the wool… After researching it online to find out its worth, I could not find it! I realized since this is a sample it probably was one of the pieces that didn’t get put into production. So, I am the only one in the world with this coat! I was still curious to know the price. Based on what I saw of coats with similar style and material, I’d say it would’ve been priced at $2,000. Ummmmmmmm. When I found that out I was like “No way.” Hello, this website is called INEXPENSIVE CHIC for a reason. I could never afford a coat that expensive. All of that to say, I used this shoot as an opportunity to be photographed in it.

We shot on Minetta Lane in Greenwich Village, a super sweet spot with lots of fantastic colorful walls. It was perfect. Although, it was not a warm, sunny day. That photo of me grinning from ear-to-ear is really just me bracing the freezing cold. To top it off, this was the day I walked back home (a 45 minute walk, for 2 miles) just to save $3.75, the cost of a subway ticket ride. I could not feel my face, toes, or fingers. Living in New York City was rough. Read more about that HERE. 


  1. Alexia says

    Hey Niyah! Love the photos and what you’re doing! 🙂 Keep being awesome^^

  2. Dat coat omg 😍 nd to think U’re d only one dat has it in dis world, im jealous rai nao 😍😍😍 nd ur hair z goals 👏👍

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