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Style Star of the Week: Chichi

img_9321missguidedstripedbardotchokerdressblackandwhitezarashoeszarastuddedclutchName: Chichi
Age: 26
From: Vienna
Occupation: I’m a postgraduate student studying marketing at the University of Kent in England.

I don’t really know how to describe my style. I guess my styling is a mixture of casual and edgy pieces. But in all honesty I’ll just wear anything that I feel comfortable in.
I take inspiration from everywhere: reading other blogs, following people on instagram, on what people wear on the street, merchandising in stores etc.


If I had to wear one outfit for a month? That is easy: black jeans, white shirt, and a bomb jacket– probably a leather jacket, plus some black boots. I think it’s an easy and effortless look and you still make an impression!


I like to travel around the world in my spare time. You see so many amazing things and get to know so many new people. I really love it. And food!! I’m a major food lover. Nothing hurts me more than eating bad food lol.
The mantra I live by is: “Clear your mind of can’t!”

Im literally everywhere on the internet. Lets connect with each other!

Instagram @lookatchichi
Twitter @lookatchichi
Bloglovin @lookatchichi


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