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Style Star of the Week: Jeffrey Calant


Name: Jeffrey Calant
Bachelor in Photography, currently working for the denim brand Diesel
I don’t think I can give my style a name… I wear a different style every day, it depends on how I wake up and what I would like to wear that day. One day can be super casual, the other day I am all dressed up. I like too many things.
I follow a lot of famous people and influencers on instagram and get a lot of ideas from there. One of my favorite people on instagram is @kosta_williams because he also mixes a lot of styles. 
If I had to wear one outfit for a month straight I’d wear my long camel coat, a shirt, fun jeans and white sneakers. It would be an outfit that is comfy but can look really clean at the same time.
As I work for Diesel, I was looking at their latest campaign pictures and liked them a lot. Curious to know who shot it, I took to the internet. All I found of the photographer were a lot of scandals… I hate it when photographers get so many opportunities to build a great career and then just blow it, knowing that a lot of people would kill for an opportunity like this. Click here for the article. 
In my spare time I like to do shoots to expand my portfolio as a photographer, watch movies, work on the blog, and shop (of course).
In my room I have 2 quotes hanging on my wall: “Dreams don’t work unless you do” and “Make today your bitch.” I am saving money to build a house and these things are something a have to remind myself every day. 
For more of Jeffrey check out the following…
Instagram: @jeffreycalant
Facebook Page Photography:
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