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Style Star of the Week: Alli Robben

When I came across Alli’s profile on Instagram I was pleasantly surprised to learn we both live in Cincinnati! After talking with her it became evident she’s such a sweet girl. Read on to see how she feels about wearing white after labor day, the outfit she could wear over and over again, and how she got insta-famous. 


Allí Robben
Age 22
Cincinnati, OH
Sales Associate at Nordstrom

My style is very minimalistic and neutral, but with an edgy twist. The blogger @WeWoreWhat is my #1 go-to when it comes to street style inspiration. I feel like we have very similar styles when it comes to fashion. She wears more designer than I ever could at this moment in time, but she keeps me dreaming.

If I had to wear one outfit for a month straight…Realistically I would wear my pajamas, but to better answer this question I would say my black high waisted skinny jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a leather jacket. This outfit is always my go-to. I love my high waisted denim because it works well with my body and I think it’s super fun. Ever since I bought my first pair of high waisted denim, I haven’t been able to go back. A grey tee and leather jacket is always a classic combination that can come off casual, yet dressy enough for day-to-day events.


Recently I’ve realized that there shouldn’t be any rules when it comes to fashion and no one should live by these regulations. When customers come into Nordstrom and I start styling them, they always ask “Are you allowed to do this past this date, or are you allowed to wear this color with this color?” etc and I honestly hate it. White used to be out past labor day and now its back in, high socks with sandals and gym shoes used to be out and now they are in. I could argue there is not one fashion rule that has always held true.

My dream job is to be able to support myself full time with my blog. I have hopes of starting a family and becoming a mom and this dream job would allow me to fulfill my other dream job of becoming a mother. With full time blogging I would be able to work with some brands I had only dreamed of working with while also getting to travel.


Instagram has been my biggest and best platform so far! I knew when I started my blog that I would want to give people styling tips and suggestions, but I also decided I wanted to keep it very image heavy. When I first started learning how to style and get creative with my wardrobe I was mostly inspired by images on Pinterest, rather than lengthy blog posts.

To tell you the truth, I got to 11.9K followers by doing exactly what everyone tells you to do. I posted high quality photographs and posted as consistently as I could (probably 2-3 times/week at first). I invested in a camera right when I started my blog, and this helped a lot with getting quality shots. Something most people may not know, but a great tip of advice for increasing your Instagram, is to make the effort to reach out to other bloggers and befriend them. I get most of my Instagram love and interaction from other fashion bloggers.

Another bonus of Instagram is the ability to scroll back to the beginning of big time blogger’s Instagram accounts. This is one of the most encouraging things you can do because their very first pictures will probably look just like yours or sometimes worse! You just need to remember that everyone has to start somewhere and you won’t be successful if you try out blogging for a year or two and don’t see success. You have to keep at it each and everyday and not give up. If you are ever having a discouraging day, take time to scroll back through some of your role model’s accounts. It helps me every time!


Something most people don’t know about me is that I am a Christian and try to live everyday of my life for Jesus Christ. I wish I wasn’t so shy about my faith!

My mantra is to stay true to who you are. You only have one life so why live it trying to be someone else. Also, in the blogging industry, being yourself is what is going to help make you succeed, you have to differentiate yourself somehow.


For day-to-day style inspiration follow me on Instagram: @astylebreeze and for styling tips and tricks visit!

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