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I Love a Good Print

I found this shirt at a thrift store a while ago. It has become a wild card in my wardrobe. You know: those pieces that you put on every now and then when you want to make a statement and shake things up. In the past I’ve worn it in a way that you could only see a peek of the print, but this time I wanted to wear it full force– in all its glory!


Top: Thrifted

As you already know from the last outfit post I wrote, I am always in my adidas track pants. So this shouldn’t be a surprise. The shirt is so loose and comfortable, that I wanted to keep the whole look that way.


Hat: H&M       Ring: My Mom’s


Bracelets: Forever21        Necklace: Gift


Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel “Totem-ly Yours”

I am a sucker for a good contradiction though… so I couldn’t let myself get too comfy. My choice to wear this wide brim hat versus a baseball cap, keeps the look stylish. I think my makeup and jewelry do the same thing. It keeps me from looking like I am just wearing Pajamas.


Sneakers: Nike

Photographed by Colin Pieters 

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