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Style Star of the Week: Denzel Alexander

Denzel Alexander
Age: 22
Memphis, TN
Journalism Major at the University of Memphis
Part time stylist at J.Crew


My style is a mix between dapper/prep and streetstyle. I really enjoy making pieces work in multiple ways.

Music honestly inspires my style, I have a collection full of different genres. Whatever I feel like vibing to that day kind of inspires my attire as well.

If I were given $150 to shop, I would definitely spend it on multiple things versus one expensive item! I’m a kid who was raised to shop smart and get the most for your money. I love a good brand with great quality, but sometimes you can get just as great quality for less elsewhere!
I recently purchased this black turtleneck poncho from ASOS that I’m really obsessed with right now. It’s one of those things that you don’t see your every day guy wearing in the south. When you do, it’s normally a super dope dude who can rock versatile items.
My ultimate dream job is to work for GQ. Since I’ve been a 5 year old kid, I remember picking up the GQ magazines over all the others available at my barbershop. Either writing or doing photography work for them would be my ultimate goal!

Something most people probably wouldn’t expect from looking at social media, is that I’m sort of awkward! Honestly, I love meeting new people and connecting with others but it’s kind of hard for me to keep a conversation going most of the time.

I’ve been to Disney World three times and Animal Kingdom is my favorite park (I started as a vet major if that helps show you why it is)! In the park, they offer a beautiful safari ride and at the end the driver states, “To say goodbye is too sad. Here, we say kwaherini. Which means to go along well, until meeting again.” It always just stuck with me! So, I never say bye to anything or anyone anymore. I even got “kwaherini” tattooed as a dedication to my late grandmother.
Instagram: @denzalexander
Twitter: @denzalexander_
Youtube: Coming soon!


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