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I Bet You I Can Find a Hundred Different Ways to Wear Adidas Track Pants


Sweater: Ralph Lauren

If I had to wear one pair of pants for the rest of my life, it would be these. I honestly think I could come up with a hundred different ways to wear Adidas Track Pants. I received these for Christmas last year, and haven’t been able to take them off since. They’re just so versatile!


Sneakers: Nike Air Pegasus

As we’re now approaching winter, it’s not advised to go bare legged, so I thought my track pants would make the perfect addition to this outfit (a floral printed dress with a sweater thrown on top). While one’s first instinct may be to wear tights instead, I think this is much more unexpected, and exciting. One of the employees where I intern actually complimented me when I wore this to the office. He said, “You look so cool today!” It felt good that he called me out on it. I felt cool! Haha.



Dress: Free People

Try this: Put together an outfit like you normally would, but then at the last minute substitute whatever you’re wearing on bottom with track pants. Or, add them underneath. I assure you, it will keep your look fresh.


Necklaces + Rings: Forever21 Watch: Fossil

Photography by Colin Pieters 


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