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Style Star of the Week: Chukwudi ‘Chuks’ Nwamba


Chukwudi ‘Chuks’ Nwamba
24 Years Old
Southfield, MI
Industrial Engineer

I’d like to think of my style as simple, clean, comfortable and timeless; modern dressy/casual. Comfort and versatility is what I keep in mind most when I get dressed or purchase apparel. I always appreciate subtle but bold complimentary accessories as well: scarves, vintage rings, sock patterns, watches, etc. I love representing my culture through what I wear.

My style is inspired by my close friends, Kanye West, my culture (I’m Nigerian) and of course random pages I follow on instagram.



I recently began a business with some of my closest friends known as Jerk X Jollof.  We provide an experience that exposes communities to African & Caribbean culture, cuisine, and nightlife. It was inspired by a void in spaces that allow people to come together and celebrate the diaspora. Jerk comes from caribbean jerk chicken, Jollof comes from an african rice known as jollof rice. My dream job would consist of being able to travel the world turning the business into an organization that curates positive cultural experiences and empowerment.

In my spare time, I love to read, listen to music, exercise, model, attend art exhibits/events, study ways to improve my community, hang out with friends and connect with new people.


Patience, positivity, and presence if my motto. I am a very process oriented individual and recently the importance of patience in the process has been prevalent in my life. Also, bringing positive energy to any encounter or situation I am apart of. Lastly presence, many times in our modern times people can get caught up and thinking about where they’d rather be or using media technology we use everyday. Presence, paying attention to where we are or who we are within the moment allows us to truly appreciate and be sincere in our efforts to learn about ourselves, others and building healthy mutually beneficial relationships.

Instagram: @nwambanation
Modeling Portfolio:
@jerkxjollof (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook)

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