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Style Star of The Week: Elizabeth Hall

When I first started this blog back in 2011, I regularly featured people I came across online who had great style. You may remember this as my “Street Style” series. Welp, I’m bringing it back and with a new name: Style Stars. These are people I stumble upon on Instagram, could be fellow bloggers, or even acquaintances I actually know. Today it’s Elizabeth Hall whom I met at BPCM, where we are both interns. I’ve always noticed she has a great way of layering, mismatching jewelry, pairing funky socks with bold shoes, etc. She sticks out in a sea of thigh high boots and culottes. In a word, Elizabeth’s looks are quirky. But I’ll you decide for yourself.


Elizabeth Ella Hall
20 Years Old
Waverly, Nebraska
Fashion Student

My style is a mix of edgy, vintage, eclectic and a little bohemian. Probably just depends on the day. I also like it to be really messy. I like when an outfit looks really cool, but also just thrown together at the last minute, when in reality it probably took hours to come up with. I like messy hair, tons of jewelry, and just kind of mismatched I suppose. My biggest style inspirations are Mimi Elashiry (blogger/model) and Patti Smith. I follow a lot of random people on instagram who I find inspirational for one reason or another. I screenshot pictures that I find inspiring, and then I organize them into folders in my phone so that I always have inspiration.

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A couple years ago I would’ve said I wanted to be a buyer and I would’ve been very confident in saying it. Now, I really have no idea. Something in fashion for sure and hopefully something that allows me to be a least a little bit creative.

I love photography. I like to learn more about it online. I recently bought a vintage film camera that I’m learning how to use and it’s really fun. I also love to explore new vintage shops. I am also basically an 80 year old woman already because I love to crochet and knit and cross stitch. I like to write too. I have a blog so that’s a good outlet for it. I also keep a journal type thing where I just write about life and tape in photos or tickets or whatever I can. I also really like to bake, mostly really late at night.

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The mantra I live by is “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” It’s kind of cheesy, but my mom and my grandma always said it and I think it’s really true if you think about it.

Take a look at Elizabeth’s blog here.

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