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Beyond Clothes: The Things That Influence Your Style You Probably Didn’t Know

Many of us assume that clothes are the only things that influence and define our styles. The truth is, style is something that gets defined outside of clothing fashion. Each of us has our own unique tastes and styles in life.

Style goes far beyond the clothes we wear. And it’s something that helps us to forge our personal identities. Have you ever wondered what influences our unique styles? And are they things that have done so overnight, or have we always had a particular style?


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The Weather Where You Live

It might sound strange, but the climate where you live plays a big part in your personal style. That’s because you have to dress in climate-appropriate attire a lot of the time! As you can imagine, someone that likes to dress in stylish clothes won’t wear boring clothes. Even if they live somewhere cold like northern Alaska!

The Work You Do

What you do for a living will define your style. For example, let’s say that you have an outdoors job. It’s likely your work will influence how you dress. You may prefer to wear casual or “rugged” clothing, even when you’re not in work mode. And if you have an executive occupation, you’ll only want to wear the finest of threads!

The Vehicles Parked on Your Driveway

If you don’t care about the cars that you own, you probably won’t put much thought into your sense of dress. What if you have a Mercedes or a luxury travel suite RV parked outside? Your daily attire will match the premium vehicles that you own.

Let’s face it. If you were driving something like a Ferrari, you wouldn’t dress up in old clothes. You’d want to wear something sophisticated, trendy (and probably expensive).


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What You Do For Fun

I know this sounds like an obvious point to raise. But, for the sake of consistency…

The things that you do for fun will impact your general style. People that are into skating, for example, will wear jeans and T-shirts. Cyclists might prefer to wear “light” clothing – even if they aren’t on their bikes.

The Sports You Follow

Here’s an interesting one, you might not think it, but sports influence all of our dress senses! Did you know that many menswear trends, for example, are deep rooted in sports? I’m talking about things like varsity jackets, athletic jerseys, and so on.

The Furniture in Your Home

Are you an IKEA kind of person or do you only buy one-off custom items? People that are into mass-produced furniture will almost always enjoy mass-produced clothing. Those of you into unique creations might opt for one-off tailored clothing.

What do you think? Did I miss anything?


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received monetary compensation in exchange for publishing this article. 

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