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After Work Art, Drinks, and Fashion

A couple of weeks ago on Tuesday September 13th, my friend Neha and I met after work at the Angel Orensanz Foundation Event Space. I had been invited to the Art Hearts Fashion NYFW The Shows. For a full week, dozens of brands showcased their collections at this space. Neha and I saw three of them.


I was really impressed with the venue of the event. Compared to the previous NYFW show I was invited to (click here), it was a lot more elegant and fancy. There was good music, an open bar, art on the walls, well dressed people (an older crowd, more like 25-45), and the lights were dim which set the mood. I had high expectations for the fashion we’d be seeing.

Here are a few video clips that give you a better idea of the atmosphere.

And now for my review of the collections we saw…

Marta Zampolini

This was the first brand we saw go down the runway, and I wasn’t impressed. The looks reminded me of something K-mart would put out at an attempt of trying to be “cool” and appeal to the youth. I understood what the designer was trying to do…  an upgraded take on athleisure with fun patterns in unique places and adding in texture to spice things up… but it wasn’t executed very well. One by one, as the models came down the runway, I could feel my eyelids start to get heavier. Again, concept was decent, but the final result felt too safe, very familiar, and not innovative or stylish. With this being the opening to the set of designers, I was starting to worry that this event was all hype and no substance.

Rutu Bhonsle’

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this collection was: Cinderella and/or Belle. The blue and yellow were very reminiscent of Disney characters, as well as the fabric she chose, which were lace, silk, and chiffon. Needless to say I did not like the color choices or the fabrication. It felt dated, and I couldn’t imagine who her consumer would be, or where they would be going in these clothes. But then the designer came out… She has down syndrome, and my opinions shifted when I saw how happy she was to debut her collection! She was grinning from ear to ear, and was basking in the claps and whistles she was getting. For someone with a genetic condition like down syndrome, which includes symptoms such as difficulty thinking and understanding, to come up with a full blown collection that showed at NYFW is astounding! I hope she sticks with her passion, and continues to develop her work, because she has a lot of potential.

Charles & Ron

The first look barely made it down the runway, and I was already on board with the whole collection. Finally! I was getting what I came to see.  The colors were refreshing, and unlike the first two brands we saw, were done right. I am not a huge fan of rainbow, but the silhouettes made me want to wear it anyway. Everything just felt fresh and fun for spring. From the peplum sleeves, to the off-the-shoulder tops, even the tribute to a particular flower on the backs of some of the jackets, it was all on point. I think what I appreciated the most about the collection was the attention to detail. The hair, makeup, accessories, were all carefully considered when styling the looks. This is how it should be done! My only critique would be that it seemed too similar to a well known designer, whom I can’t quite put my finger on (Dolce and Gabanna?). Nonetheless, Charles & Ron stole the show, and I left feeling good about coming.

All images via Getty Images, Provided by Art Hearts Fashion


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  2. Chic post, hun! Awesome. Love all of the runway pics, too. You are such a great writer and blogger. Well done!!!

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    It is like a fashion show on the internet! Absolutely, totally and fabulously over the top girly fun!!!

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