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3 Aspiring American Fashion Designers to Look Out For

Starting my second year of starting this blog in 2011, I started to receive invites to New York Fashion Week. While it was flattering, I was unable to attend due to the fact that I was 1,000 miles away from the Big Apple, and the times conflicted with my school schedule. This time around, I was delighted to be able to RSVP: YES, and attend some of the shows!

The first set of shows I attended was this past Sunday. As far as transportation? I walked 10 blocks, and arrived at the scene. The CAAFD (Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers), put on a fabulous showcase of three up-and-coming designers at a packed venue. Before I’d even arrived at the location, there was a huge line of at least a hundred people waiting to be let in. There were photographers taking photos of people’s outfits in line, interviews happening for news outlets, the whole shebang. I assumed most of the people invited were like me, bloggers of some sort, perhaps instagram “celebs,” I didn’t recognize anyone famous. It was a treat though to be able to see lesser known designers at NYFW, who could potentially become much bigger down the line. Plus, there’s nothing like discovering new talent.

After about 30 minutes of waiting outside, we were let in and took our seats. And then the show began.

Ponyo Porco
Country: Taiwan

The prints are genius! After doing a little research on the brand, this makes sense… as that’s the main focus: hand painted, print design. The team has background in fashion design, graphic, and fine art which is a stellar combo for a collection. What they’ve done really well, is piece together a cohesive set of prints, that aren’t matchy-matchy. They could’ve stuck to one variation in different colors, but instead, for example, some of the garments have sea creatures on them, while others have crows, and abstract witches. It’s kooky, and colorful, playful, and comfy, which is something I am a huge fan of. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this brand, and watching as it evolves.

Jessica Van
Country: Australia

This collection compared to the last was a lot more neutral, and toned down. I do love the earthy feel of the clothing though, and the headpieces were  a nice styling touch. In some circumstances statement accessories can be used to distract the viewer, instead of enhance the designs, but that’s not the case for Van. Without the headpieces, I still believe the clothes would hold their own ground. The models looked like beautiful woodland creatures. I think my favorite piece was the strapless white tiered dress with the a-line skirt. I could see it being worn in an editorial shoot, or on a red carpet.

Intermission // Live Painting

There was an 8 minute intermission after the first two designers, and during that time, an artist came up to the front and started painting on canvas. At the end he revealed, Karl Lagerfeld! Pretty impressive for an 8 minute painting.

Country: Indonesia

The evening finished off with the brand Laison  by Aurelias. I feel like this was the safest collection of them all. While I do love the cutout detailing, odd shapes, and use of line, for a fresh twist on everyday items, a few looks fell flat. The blue leopard print felt dated, and the skirts with floral embroidery were nothing new. Hits, and misses, but overall the construction was well done, and the color choices were good.

I’ve gotta say, overall I was really impressed with the collections. Everything I saw felt fresh, and innovative. Each designer had cohesion, a unique voice, and kept me intrigued. I am so glad I was able to attend the showcase. Stay tuned for more reviews on shows I’ve attended this NYFW!


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