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ADEAM // NYFW S/S 17 Review

The time has come, we are in the midst of New York Fashion Week! Now that I live in NYC it’s a completely different experience being this up close than it has been in the past. Usually I just wait for the shows to pop up on and write about the photos I see, and the videos I can find online. This time, I am a part of the madness. My internship is at a PR firm, so we represent quite a few different designers, and I’ve been helping out with a couple of those shows. There’s also the general atmosphere. I see models everywhere, and even saw Kanye’s models for Yeezy Season 4 several hours before the show where they were getting ready, because I happened to be running an errand in the same building. It’s a crazy, not-so-fabulous, time in the fashion industry. People spend 6 months prepping for it, only to see a 5 minute show.

Over the next month, I’ll be posting and reviewing my favorite collections from NYFW as well as London, Milan, and Paris. Let’s start with ADEAM.

Japanese designer, Hanako Maeda, moved to New York City from Tokyo, Japan when she was five. She went to Columbia University and studied anthropology and art history. During her collegiate career she interned at several fashion companies, and fell in love with the industry. Hanako launched her label in 2011, but it didn’t debut at NYFW until Fall 2013. Inspired by both New York and Tokyo, Hanako’s collections consistently infuse art and ease.

Her Spring/Summer 2017 line is no different. The designer used shodo, the Japanese art of calligraphy as her starting point of inspiration. This is evident from the scribble print she used on certain pieces, but also in the fluid lines of the draping. What I love about this collection is the duality between femininity and strength. For example the soft liquid gowns with an oversized pant underneath, or the floaty printed dresses paired with a structured, classic, white button down. This is what I am to do when I get dressed. I want to feel like a woman, but be taken seriously as well, and ADEAM does that to a T.

Can we talk about these colors? I am sucker for that “pop of color.” Mints, and blood orange, next to cream, black, and white is so refreshing for spring! I think my favorite look from this collection would have to be this one:


The reason being, you can break it down and wear each piece in several different ways. Everything looks great on its own, but even better together.

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