Back-to-School Series
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Back-To-School Survival Kit

As summer vacation comes to a close, its time to start preparing for the new school year and start thinking about supplies you’ll need to survive another year. So I’ve come up with a  back-to-school survival kit to help you be prepare for any situation.
Everything on this list you can buy at your local super market and is fairly inexpensive. Everything is optional and you can personalize it to your needs. I recommend keeping this kit in your locker or purse for easy excess.

Swiss Army Knife

This item isn’t the first thing on this list for no reason. I carry one with me everywhere I go and it has saved me many times. It comes with a flashlight, nail file, scissors, bottle opener and many more useful tools you never thought you needed. Plus it all comes in a compact little keychain, there are many different designs you can get to add a more personal touch.


Lip Balm

Another item I never leave the house without is lip balm, it is a multi-use product that every girl should have, whether its to remedy cracked lips or add a little pop of color this is a must have item to have on hand, at all times.


Hand Sanitizer

Another necessity to have is hand disinfectant, there will always be moments where you need clean hands but cant reach a bathroom.


Gum & Mints

Have bad breath after lunch? Its always a good idea to have these with you to feel fresh throughout the day.


Pain Relief Medication

Headaches and cramps can make studying much harder. Many pain relief medications come in small convenient packages  you can take on the go. Schools often can’t legally give out any medication so its always a good idea to have some on hand.


Mini Make-up Kit

As someone who wears make-up you will need to touch up every once in a while, especially during long school days. Even if its long lasting, its not guaranteed to stay in place all day. There are many travel sizes make up products out there that you can take on the go.

hairtiesHair Ties & Bobbie Pins

Whether you do physical activities in school or just need to tie up your hair these are extremely useful to have with you.


Compact Mirror

Every Girl should have one of these in your bag to touch up on the go.

OBP Pacifica

Hand Lotion

Another item I would always reach for, especially in the fall/winter months when your skin really dries up.


Throat Lozenges

Its never fun to be sick during school, its always a good idea to have these on hand for when you have a sore throat.


Mini Deodorant

This item is especially important to have whether you do physical activities or not, its important to stay fresh through out the day.


Instant Drinks

These are really handy to have in your purse and are far less expensive than buying a coffee or drink form the cafeteria every time you get a craving.


Emergency Snack

I think this one goes without explanation, but studying on a empty stomach is never fun.

bandaidsBand-Aids & First Aid supplies

Even though your school might have these on hand its always good to be prepared for minor injuries so you don’t have to make the long walk to the nurses office.

tide to go

Portable Stain Remover

Spilt lunch on your outfit? No change of clothes? Always carry one of these just in case, it could save you the embarrassment of walking around school all day with spaghetti on your shirt.


Mini Perfume

Want to smell like a goddess all day? Most perfumes don’t last longer than a couple of hours, so keep these in your purse to touch up throughout the day.


Portable Kleenex

These have many uses and can be a lifesaver to have on hand, whether its a spill or you have the flew during finals, these are a good idea.


Portable Dental Care

These are super handy to have and a really important factor in staying fresh all day. Nobody wants garlic breath after lunch.


Oil Blotting Tissue

These are a very important item to have with you, especially if you wear makeup. This gets rid of the shine without ruining your makeup.

74f285049d79317f01e5989d4093a111Feminine Hygiene Products

Again I think this goes with out explanation, every girl should be prepared.


And there you have it, keep any or all of these items with you at all times and you will thank me later.






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Meghan St.John, 17 I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. My family and I Moved to Ecuador in 2014. I never imagined moving to South America, but that's where we ended up. I love Fashion and have been drawing dresses and sewing since as long as I can remember. I know a bit of Spanish and I am currently taking online school and plan on going to university or collage for Fashion Design . My favorite pass times are dance, knitting, sewing, photography, art, baking and blogging! I own a small business here in Ecuador selling knitwear and clothing.

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