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The School Supplies You’ll Actually Want to Buy

While not all of us look forward to the beginning of classes, I don’t think any of us look forward to being forced to buy expensive textbooks and supplies that we don’t even want. With that being said, check out some of my favorite supply picks to brighten up your school week and up your classroom game.

SCENTED HIGHLIGHTERS ARE CHILDHOOD. If my all caps didn’t convince you, I think you just need to take another look at these fruit scented highlighters. There is no boring lecture that these couldn’t instantly fix. And just look at all those colors, so many options.


NPW Mini Scented Highlighter Pack, $10.00, ASOS

I like to always carry around a small journal for any ideas or things I will inevitably think of at inconvenient times. Finally right down all of your genius revelations from the grocery store and the train! Also, gotta say I’m really loving the cover.


Plans For World Domination Notebook, $18.00, Nylon Shop


Honestly, the level of fluff on this pen alone would make every class 100x better. Imagine whipping this bad boy out of your bag on your first day, sounds like a great day to me!


Paperchase Mermaid Fluffy Pen, $5.00, ASOS


Do your part to help the environment while also getting a supercute personalized cup. Reuse this cup for all of your beverage needs. You get to pick the color and drink listed on the cup!


Personalized Starbucks Tumbler 16oz, $8.50, Etsy


Make sure to get an agenda with a full calendar to make sure to keep track of your super-busy life.




Since you’ll need a flash drive anyway, you might as well get this really fun OPI one. It comes in a few different colors so you can pick your favorite polish.



Sunworld Unique Nail Polish Bottle 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive, $8.99, Amazon

How fun is it to color code your notes? REALLY FUN. But more importantly, you can use these for some A+ margin doodling.

132_066_petite_point_fine_tip_gel_pens__36006-1459882110-1280-1280PETITE POINT FINE TIP GEL PEN SET, $18.00, Francesca’s

Now for the coolest thing of all, this chic charger bracelet! Wear it as a bracelet so you don’t forget it, and just pull it off to charge your phone whenever you’re low on battery! Voila!


FP Charger Cord Bracelet, $20.00, Free People

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