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What Would Your Dream Closet Look Like?

I came across a facebook post the other day that features a home with a two-story closet in it. As amazing and beautiful as it is, I am not as inclined to wish for that as I would be two years ago. After listening to the podcast, “The Minimialists,” and being a contributing writer for Cladwell, I want to try to live with less. It’s projected that women only wear 30% of their closet. We tend to not want to get rid of things despite not wearing them for years, or despite the clothes no longer fitting, etc.

My first step towards my dream closet would be to purge!


One of the things I currently do when I clean out my closet, is only keep what’s in season displayed. If you were to look at my closet right now, you wouldn’t find any bulky sweaters or boots. They are stored away. If you don’t have space to store your excess items in your home, you may want to check out MakeSpace, a company that acts as another closet for you. By using their app, you can request a representative to pick up your stuff on demand, and they’ll put it in safekeeping for you until you need it back. Super easy, and a genius way to declutter. Click here to see if they’re in a location near you, if not, hold tight… they’re adding more every week and are expanding across the country!

Makespace Phone ImageMakespace 7

My dream closet would have fewer items: well constructed staples that will last a while mixed with a couple of on-trend pieces. I would love for it to be spacious, but clean, organized, and simple. I imagine a showroom feel, or an upscale boutique vibe. Ideally I’d like  an entire room in the house to be devoted to my “closet.” Think minimal, luxe, decor. Modern and sleek accessories would be added to the room, perhaps even a few plants for some greenery. Also, a comfortable place to sit would be nice. The closet could double as an office.

SHOWROOM -noa-noir-art-interior-home-decor-cactus-cacti-succulents-green-mini-plants-minimalistic-0


Here are a couple of new clothing items I’d add to my dream closet if I were to create it tomorrow. These are some things I’ve been wanting for a while.

One rule I try to abide by, is for every piece of clothing I buy, I have to also get rid of something in my existing closet. I swap the clothes so that I don’t create clutter and cycle back to the same problem of not wearing more of my closet.

So what do you think? I’d love to know what you’d like in your dream closet and/or how you would build it. Be sure to leave a comment below!


  1. Sydney Kate says

    I too aim for a dream closet! I currently own only items that are of the same color palette so that they go together. My goal is about 30 items for clothing. I only buy things that will last and make me REALLY happy to have. Or else they go. Good luck on your dream closet!

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