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Quick Lunch Recipes to Get You Through the Week

Stuck in an everyday lunch rut of Chipotle or boring salads? Check out some of the recipes below to spice up your lunch break while also keeping healthy. And best of all, they require very little effort! Woo!


Garden Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

This garden salad is a nice alternative to your traditional lettuce salad. All it requires is chopping up a few vegetables, and blending up the custom vinaigrette. To make it even quicker you can just use a premade vinaigrette.



10-Minute Spinach Lasagna

You read that right, TEN MINUTE LASAGNA. While this happens to be a vegetarian lasagna, it’s a great pick for meat eaters everywhere. Make this quick meal that can last you the week, or share with some friends.



5-Ingredient Pasta Salad

This pasta salad requires only 5 ingredients, and you probably already have some of them in your kitchen. All you have to do is cook the pasta and mix it all together, voila, lunch.


Lighter Fajita Quesadillas

While this recipe does take a little more cooking time, it’s well worth the effort, and won’t take more than 20 minutes. And while the recipe is great, you can also put pretty much anything in the quesadilla that you have sitting around and it will still taste amazing.



Beet Salad with Summer Melon and Feta

As the weather starts to warm up, this fun beet salad is perfect. With just a few ingredients and spices, you have a perfect cold lunch with lots of flavor.

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