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What I Wore to the Culture Show

Last weekend was so much fun! The university I go to held their annual Culture Show which was run by one of my good friends, Gika, the president of UCASA (African Student Association). There was a dinner before hand with homemade African food, and then there was the show. My choir performed, a few dance teams performed, my boyfriend recited a spoken word piece, and it was all hosted by the famous African comedian, Chief Obi. To top it all off, there was an after party. I don’t usually go to parties because “trap” music all sounds the same to me, and it’s not very danceable. But, I was convinced that this time there would be African music and this was a party not to miss. For the first time in a long time I actually felt compelled to dance at a party! The music moved me. LOL.

The night was one to remember and what made it even more special was what I wore. I am interning for Asha Daniels, a current contestant on Project Runway All Stars, and she has amazing pieces that are afrocentric. I asked if I could borrow some pieces for the night and she readily agreed. I felt like I had on the best threads! So many people asked me where I got my outfit from and I was proud to plug Asha’s designs. Shop her new online store HERE.

For the dinner and show I wore this maxi kilt, and red leather crop top. For the after party, my boyfriend and I wore matching His and Hers dashikis. His was a shirt, and mine a dress. I carried a clutch from Asha as well. Twas a great night filled with food, fashion, dancing, and best of all MELANIN. #BlackIsBeautifulIMG_0274

My friend Angwi and I PosingIMG_0281 IMG_0279 IMG_0284 IMG_0288 IMG_0299

My Boyfriend, Tim, and I in Our Matching Dashikis

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