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How to Find a Fantastic Wedding Dress on a Small Budget

Every bride dreams of looking fabulous in a fantastic dress, on her wedding day. However, most do not appreciate the hefty price tag that accompanies such dresses.

The good news is that you do not have to compromise on finding a gorgeous wedding dress, even when you are on a tight budget. Best for Bride, Canada’s leading wedding dress chain, has the following practical tips for the budget-savvy bride, to help her find her dream dress at a great bargain.

Look out for discounts and offers

Many big bridal dress chains offer unbelievable discounts, allowing you to get maximum value for your money. Apart from flat discounts on the wedding dress itself, these also include package deals. This means you get to choose accessories like the veil, tiara and wedding jewelry for free, when you buy your wedding dress from them. Although you may not save money directly on the dress this way, it still helps your wedding dress budget go further.

Check out collections from previous seasons

As new collections arrive, many wedding shops offer clearance sales and discounts on existing collections. Although the prices of these dresses are considerably slashed, they are still in excellent condition. Few people keep up with bridal fashion. So, you needn’t worry about anyone noticing that your dress belongs to a previous season, when you choose from these collections.

Shop during off-season

If you have enough time till your wedding, it is best to shop in the off-season for better deals. Hit the shops in autumn, and you are likely to find that prices are lower than at any other time of year.

Look online

Most reputable wedding boutiques list their inventory online. The advantage of looking through these websites is that you can compare several dresses with features you like, and shortlist those that fall within budget. You may also find exclusive online coupons and discount offers on these websites.

Buy off-the-rack

When you place your order for a gown, it will usually be custom-made in your size. Instead, you can choose from the shop floor samples, for a significantly lower price. Bear in mind that most shop samples come in limited sizes. So, you may have to choose from what is available in your size.

Search for Used wedding dresses that were never worn

It isn’t unusual for brides to have second thoughts about the dress they bought for their wedding. These women usually end up selling these gowns at a much lower price than they spent on it. You can find plenty of such dresses at Oncewed and Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses.

With good planning, finding an affordable but fabulous wedding dress is not difficult. You just have to look at the right time, and in the right places.

Best for Bride – – is a one-stop bridal destination, offering wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, dresses for the entire wedding party and a range of wedding services. This bridal chain has an impressive inventory of world-class designer wedding dresses, suitable for every budget and in every style, and is the perfect stop for the modern bride!

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