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Fashion Brands that are Doing Sustainability Right

More than likely, you’ve probably heard about the huge problem the fashion industry is currently in due to fast fashion. It’s a super complex issue that extends to every consumer, and is constantly harming our environment and our natural resources. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this post! However, what we can all do to help reduce this looming disaster is to be smart shoppers. Research the brands you buy from and try to invest in pieces that support environmental initiatives! By choosing to buy some of your clothing from sustainable brands, you can benefit both your closet and the environment. Check out a few of my favorite sustainable fashion brands below.


A destination for cool girl basics, with an amazing selection of tees, as well as a selection of luxurious fashion pieces. Many of their pieces have solid wait lists, so make sure to check the site often so you don’t miss out. Make sure to take a good look at their Tee page, full of reasonably priced comfy tees in all colors and shapes. They also have a super interesting RefScale for each garment, showing the amounts of H2O and CO2 used to create each garment in comparison to standard garments.


$28.00, Flax Slim Crew Tee


$58.00, Smith Sweater


$28.00, Flax Slim Crew Tee


$58.00, Moraine Top


Browsing Mayamiko’s website, you may notice they use many unique and beautiful prints. This is a core aspect of this brand. All garments are produced in Malawi with locally sourced fabrics. You can be confident that any pieces you buy from Mayamiko will definitely be uncommon among mass produced fashion, along with being sustainable and supporting local artisans of Malawi.


$58.07, Small Flower Wide Leg Culottes


$38.47, Orange Stars Contrast Tee


$72.59, Small Flower Contrast Sleeve Bomber Jacket


$42.10, Minimal Black Tee with Sheer Organza Back


I could spend hours browsing through items on Everlane’s website. For each garment they sell, they show their Transparent Pricing. This means you can see exactly where the price of the garment comes from, from labor to materials to the factory that produces it. You can trust that anything you buy here will be well-made, beautiful, and ethical.


$50.00, The Cotton Pocket Dress


$65.00, The Culottes


$88.00, The Silk Tank Dress


$45.00, The Ottoman Long-Sleeve Sweatshirt

People Tree

People Tree is a company you can feel really good buying from. In addition to being a sustainable brand that sources locally and uses safe dyes, they are fair trade! Their garments are made by local artisans using traditional techniques which are definitely worth the extra few dollars.


$69.00, Orla Kiely Birdwatch Strappy Dress in Green



$19.80, Libby Animal Print Top



$54.15, Sheridan Skirt


$79.15, Katy Dress in Leaf Print


  1. I love this!! Sometimes is hard to shop at sustainable fashion companies because they don’t have my style, but I love these pieces!! ☺️

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  11. awesome picks! I really love ethical fashion. Have you seen Cossac? They do some really amazing fashion as well! Also love Reformation, People Tree and various designers on etsy ♥

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