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10 Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Are you a human with a smart phone? If the answer to that question is yes, then this post is for you! Check out these 10 life hack apps to make your life a little bit easier.


This awesome app is made for anyone who has ever experienced the hardships of online shopping for shoes. By letting the app know what you LOVE and HATE, it will help you to curate an amazing wishlist of shoes from tons of brands.




If you’re trying to lose weight, eat healthier, or just be a more informed shopper, you should try Fooducate. By just scanning a food item at your grocery store the app will give you tons of info on its health values, and what it would count towards your daily intake. Food labels can be so misleading, so anyone really trying to avoid the unhealthy should try to Fooducate to seriously cut down on their grocery shopping time and regrets.




Ever try to figure if you have any pants that match with the shirt you want to buy? Try to do a closet cleanse and see what you really own? Try to put together a new outfit? Stylebook takes care of your everyday clothing conundrums by being your own portable closet. Collect images of everything you own, as well as inspiration, in this useful little app.



Fitness Buddy

Looking to switch up your workout routine or learn some new workouts for specific muscles or areas? Fitness Buddy allows you to choose a focus to your fitness routine, then shows you step by step animations of how to do the workouts to reach your goal.



Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Whether you’re dying to try out a new makeup look or hair color, or just looking to waste some time, Mary Kay Virtual Makeover is full of possibilites. Just upload a picture of yourself and feel no shame in wasting a few hours playing dress up.



Yummly will quickly become your favorite cookbook. Very much like a Pinterest for food, Yummly learns your taste preferences to show you recipes that you’ll love. Then save and organize your recipes so you can come back to them at any time. Another great feature is that you can scan any food item and Yummly will give you recommendations on recipes to make with it. Time to clean out your cabinets!


Field Trip

Field Trip is great for anyone looking to find new and interesting places. Field Trip is always running, and will let you know when you are coming near something cool such as historic locations, good food, or an offer. You can also explore Field Trip to see yourself what things are around, and discover one of their recommended locations.




Ever seen a color and fallen in love? Take a picture of anything and give it to ShadeScout, they will find makeup or nail polish colors in the shade that you love. No need to compromise on color anymore, find the exact shade you want!




All the ease of Notes with lots of added features. Create to do lists and reminders for yourself, with the ability to share your lists with your friends. Collaboration and organization becomes much simpler.



Fitbay brings together an online community of shoppers to help each other figure out clothing sizing. Once you join, you will determine your body type with a quick quiz, and then are able to start seeing what clothing others with your body type are wearing. From there, you can figure out what size you’ll need from different brands when online shopping, so no more size exchanges!




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