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Layering Tricks to Ditch the Winter Slump

When deciding what to wear when the weather turns chilly, my first thoughts usually go straight to oversized sweaters. While an oversized sweater or two is great, wearing them for a whole season can get boring, and there are so many other options. The key to getting through chilly winters is often layering, so instead of throwing on your usual slouchy cardigan, try out some of these winter layering tips to freshen up your cold-weather look.

Layer your Vest Over your Jacket


Image via Who What Wear

Show off a fun and fluffy faux fur vest by layering it over your regular jacket. Match up your hemlines lengths  to keep it looking chic.

Winter Midi Skirts


Image via Who What Wear

Pull out your favorite spring midi skirt and pair it with tights and some knee-high boots for winter. If it’s especially cold, you even layer leggings under the skirt. Throw a simple sweater on top like Victoria Beckham to finish up the look.

3/4 Length Sleeves


Image via Refinery29

Keep all of your 3/4 sleeve jackets in rotation by layering a long sleeve shirt underneath. It also provides a great opportunity to add some personality to your outfit by letting a fun print or color peek out from under your jacket.

Boots Instead of Pants


Image Via The Outfit

Swap out your usual skinny jeans for some thigh-high boots. Pair the boots with a longline vest or cardigan to add warmth and coverage, which will make the boots more appropriate for casual wear.

Belt your Blanket Scarf


Image Via Wendy’s Lookbook

Throw your blanket scarf over your coat and cinch it all at the waist with a belt. Also try this look with vests or cardigans. Keep it on throughout the day over your outfit even after you take off the coat.

Long Sleeve Tees


Image via Harper’s Bazaar

Layer a long sleeve tee under any and everything. You can transform any strapless or short sleeve dress or top into a completely new piece by simply adding sleeves underneath. In addition to being much warmer.

Wrap Skirts


Image via Closet Full of Clothes

Put a wrap skirt on over your dress or another fuller skirt to create a whole new look. Play with different lengths of fullnesses of the layered skirt to get completely new silhouettes and get the most out of your pieces.

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