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Pre-Fall ’16 Review: Mary Kantrantzou, Erdem, Rochas, Christopher Kane, and Valentino

Looking through the Pre-Fall shows this year there was one thing missing–really missing–MINIMALISM. While it has been a huge influence on fashion for the past few years, my favorite shows were all about maximalism. They embrace individuality and creativity with unique looks that are going to make you crave more. Click on the show title to see more of the show, all pictures via Vogue.

Mary Katrantzou

mary-katrantzou-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-09 mary-katrantzou-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-13 mary-katrantzou-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-16 mary-katrantzou-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-17 mary-katrantzou-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-19 mary-katrantzou-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-24

This season Katrantzou added a sophisticated twist to her typically intricate and bold statement pieces. I have always admired her skill with print, but this collection seemed particularly wearable, with many pieces that could be incorporated into typical workwear or evening wear. And while I have lately come accustomed to wearing mostly black, these looks make me want to bring some color back into my life!


erdem-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-01 erdem-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-02 erdem-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-06 erdem-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-07 erdem-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-10 erdem-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-23

Erdem took his usual florals in a refreshingly moody direction. An Edwardian inspiration led to a few expectedly covered up looks, but in a very modern way. Some of my favorite looks feature romantic and delicate ruffles along with exposed shoulders. I expect to see quite a few of these gowns on the red carpets in the upcoming weeks, and I hope to see this romantic vibe continue to flow into street style this year.


02-rochas 11-rochas 19-rochas23-rochas 29-rochas 35-rochas

Allesandro Dell’Acqua’s collection for Rochas pinpointed the spot where relaxed, chic, trendy, and timeless meet. His cozy fur jackets are the blanket scarf’s new, cooler sister that everyone will be wearing over the next year. He also perpetuated the overwhelmingly common trend of shoulder-baring looks, which we can expect to also see everywhere over the next year. Looking at his line-up I am still madly in love with his powder blue wrap skirt look, paired with a dark lip, this model looks like the coolest girl on the block.


Christopher Kane

christopher-kane-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-04 christopher-kane-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-07 christopher-kane-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-09christopher-kane-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-19 christopher-kane-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-29 christopher-kane-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-32

While being truly unique in design is almost impossible in fashion, Christopher Kane has the ability to make every look completely fresh. Bold graphics paired with lady-like ruffles, studs, and relaxed shapes make for a great everyday wardrobe. Kane’s girl is simultaneously the every-girl and a trendsetter. I never thought I’d say that a ruffle-lined pocket dress is an essential.



valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-04 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-09 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-13 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-28 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-45 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-46 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-57 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-59 valentino-pre-fall-2016-lookbook-75

Saving my favorite show for last, I was unable to narrow down Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s collection down to 6 favorite looks. I highly recommend everyone check out their complete and diverse collection to truly get the full impact. While I always am in awe of Valentino, Pre-Fall seemed particularly special to me. While I love their always great standout evening gowns, their many tunics, jackets, and skirts all seemed just as great along with wearable. Each and every look is a unique work of art that I would feel lucky to be able to wear. One of my favorites is the partially sheer boxy midi dress covered in a Japanese-inspired bird. I also ADORE all of the shoes, this styling is on-point. I mean pointed toe ankle strap shoes, YES! And skin-tight embroidered thigh-high boots, YES again! If you only have time to check out one full collection for Pre-Fall I definetly recommend this one!

Let me know what your favorite Pre-Fall show was in the comments below!

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