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Kuamka Ball 2016

This past week was a busy one for me, but it was fun. My boyfriend, Tim, ran for Mr. Kuamka, a pageant-like competition for the crown of Mr. and Miss Kuamka, who are representatives of the AACRC (African American Cultural Resource Center) on campus. Seven girls ran for Miss Kuamka, and five guys ran for Mr. Kuamka. Every candidate had a platform that they would need to implement if they won (for example, Tim’s platform was to get more black mentors and teachers in the lives of young, black, men who need role models to succeed). Everyday of the week there was some sort of competition or program. Each candidate had to write an essay, meet with judges for a one-on-one interview, participate in 4 rounds of questions and answers, and perform in a talent show. At the end of the week, is the main event everyone looks most forward to: the Kuamka, Red, Black, Green and Gold Ball. It’s at this ball that people dress to the nines, have a nice dinner, enjoy performances, receive awards , and of course the new Mr. and Miss Kuamka are announced and take the crown.

Tim did really well all week, and I am super proud of him for stepping out of his comfort zone and shining in the spotlight. He ended up receiving an award for making Dean’s list, for best interview, and tied for best platform presentation. He was announced the runner-up for Mr. Kuamka!

Here’s what I wore to the ball.


Photographed by Joe Malek
Free People Dress // Pink Tulip Club Boutique
Flats// Nordstrom Rack

Shoutout to Keianna, @QueensandCurls for helping me straighten my hair for the first time since I did the big chop. Check out her natural hair youtube channel HERE.

Shoutout to Angwi @AngwiTacho, and her sister @AkwiTacho for doing my makeup.


DSC_2711 DSC_2754 DSC_2714 DSC_2759Python Handbag // Kathryn Allen Couture

Before and After


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