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15 Super Unique Gifts You’ll Love to Give and They’ll Love to Receive

Gift giving can be hard, especially around the winter holidays, the biggest gift-giving time of the year! Often times we get stuck in a rut giving the same sweaters, monogrammed jewelry, and box of chocolates. This repetition is not particularly exciting for us, and trust me, the same goes for the receiver. So why not switch things up this year? Take a look at 15 super unique gifts that will make both of you happy.

  1. Cabled Cup Cozy from Grace and Lace $14.95

Whether your drink is hot or cold, use a cozy to keep the heat or moisture off your fingers.

grace and lace cozy cup $15

2. A pair of Stunna Shades from Gypsy Warrior $38 

Sunglasses are needed year round. These pair are perfect for the fashionista in your life. gyspywarrior$38

3. Body Scrub from Jewel Scent $27.95

A delicate blend of green and chamomile tea, this body scrub brightens and rejuvenates the skin.  With 50 five star reviews on this product as shown on their website, this sure is a hit.

Body Scrub Jewel Scent $27.99

4. Smartphone Charging Purse  from Classic Hostess $49.99

Phone dying, but no where near an outlet? No problem. This chic clutchette has an ultra thin battery and built in USB cords. It’s stylish enough to be worn alone, and small enough to throw in a larger bag.
Smartphone Charging Purse $49.99 Clasic Hostess

5. Guava Berry Diamond Candle $24.95

Not only are these candles deliciously scented, but they carry a surprise inside. Each candle has a $10 ring hidden in it, and with it a code that reveals whether or not you’ll receive an additional ring worth $100, $1000, or $5000 dollars. Click here to see the rings people have found in their candles. guavaberryringcandle DIAMONDCANDLE$25

6. Latee Gift Set from Cofee Bean and Tea Leaf $19.95

Gift Set Includes:
Winter Dream Tea®, 20 count (KSA Certified)
8 oz French Deluxe Vanilla Powder (KSA Dairy Certified)
16 oz mug with recipe on back
Mini Whisk


7.  Amy O. Take Flight Necklace $32

Whimsical, pretty, and delicate this nature inspired necklace would make an excellent gift for any sophisticated woman in your life.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.26.10 AM

8. Emily’s Chocolates Customizable Fortune Cookies $7.50

A unique way to display a sweet message for your loved one with a sweet tooth.

9. Camera Strap from Capturing Couture $35 

How neat is this fashion-forward camera strap? Taking photos for Instagram just got so much better. There are also scarf straps available. $35camerastrap CAPTURINGCOUTURE

10. Unique Shoes from Ashbury Skies

Upgrade ’em to fancy footwear for an affordable price. This site has tons of crazy cool shoes!

1. Comfortable Fashion Sneakers w/ Speckled Sole $79/ 2. Silver Booties $39/
3. City Girl Flat $69

11. Mediterranean Guest Towels from Coyuchi $18 

Traditional lightweight Turkish bath towels with a high/low weave for excellent absorption. Woven from yarn dyed organic cotton and edged in hand-knotted fringe. A great gift for the hostess. Guest Towels Coyuchi $18

12. Aqua Zinger and Fruit Infuser from Classic Hostess $25.99

Make your own vitamin enriched water and trick yourself into getting more H2O!classichostess$25.99

13. Keep Jewelry Tangle Free With Mag Bag $29.95

I reviewed this product in depth on the blog a little bit ago, click here to learn more.


14. Bare Minerals Makeup Set $36

Got a makeup lover in your life? This kit lets you try multiple products for the eyes, lips, and face. bareminerals$36

15. Fun Socks from Ozone Socks $10-30

Perfect for adding a little excitement to any outfit. Purchase socks individually or gift them with a membership to the sock of the month club.ozonesocks

Tis the season for giving! I am giving away a couple of great fashion books CLICK HERE TO ENTER as well as a $100 gift card to shop the hottest new clothing site, L’amour, CLICK HERE TO ENTER.  Both contests end Friday, December 18.

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