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I Thought of You // Fair Trade Jewelry

I recently had the opportunity to model for fair trade company, I Thought of You. Artisans in developing countries handmade the jewelry and accessories you see below in partnership with the owner of the company, whose name is Mandy. The pieces are very beautiful and also affordable! As I was trying on each new set of jewelry, Mandy explained to me how it was made. The materials come from flora and fauna found locally in the artisan’s home country. For example, there are necklaces made of pine nuts, as well as orange peels, glass and paper. To read more about the process click here. 

Also, be sure to head to the homepage (you’ll find me again!) and look through the newest collection “A Green Getaway.”

IMG_9076 IMG_9258 IMG_9291 IMG_9381 IMG_9466 IMG_9525 IMG_9602 IMG_9623

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