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Style Crush: Lily Rose Depp

Lily Depp, yes, Johnny Depp’s daughter with French model Vanessa Paradis, has been popping up as a style icon lately—and I like it. She’s only sixteen and is already developing a distinct style of her own.

image via image via

Her style fits in with the “tumblr cool girl” aesthetic almost perfectly. The bug sunglasses, blonde bob, petite physique (thanks to her amazing genes, no doubt), and edgy statement pieces mixed with her youth and apathetic beauty make her an interesting style icon to many.

image via tumblr.comimage via

Lily accessorizes well with lots of cool sunglasses and wide brimmed hats. I also love the turtlenecks she sports.

image via

Though we don’t know much about Lily Depp, she’s definitely a style icon to look out for in the future.

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