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S/S ’16 Review: Tadashi Shoji, Rodebjer, Tia Cibani

Tadashi Sohji

This season Tadashi Sohji perfectly blended effortless and chic. Inspired by Japan in springtime, these looks span from an elegant robe dress to frothy gowns. One of my favorite looks is the black printed midi skirt paired with the blush trapeze top. As the model moved down the runway it flowed beautifully behind her, and paired with sandals this seems like it would be perfect for any breezy summer night. Another standout for me was the black maxi skirt paired with the floral cropped bomber jacket. Shoji played with transparency in this collection in such a new and modern way.The way that this skirt is draped, it’s often impossible to tell the difference between fabric and skin. The bomber also does this, with floral applique contrasting the sheer bomber. So while there aren’t any hugely innovative or unique ideas in this collection, I felt that Shoji put together many beautiful ideas in a very coherent way that is very modern, and many of these pieces could be translated into a casual wardrobe.

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Rodebjer is a line by Carin Rodebjer, which I had never seen before this collection, but I instantly fell in love. Rodebjer focused around the idea of movement, which resulted in beautiful long, draped silhouettes, and great texture with a vintage flair. While the seventies references were apparent, these silhouettes all seemed new and cool. My personal favorite outfit was an olive wrap skirt paired with a drop shouldered silky tee with textured sleeves. Another great look was a bright, patterned midi dress with drop shoulders. While these looks obviously look great on the models, I can also imagine these on women of all shapes and sizes in their daily routines. While I wish I had discovered this brand sooner, it’s already one of my favorites of the season.

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Tia Cibani

This season, Cibani was inspired by Brazil, and referred to the collection as “like yoga clothes, but elevated.” I completely agree. Cibani managed to make loose and comfortable layers look completely luxurious. Her amazing necklaces and turbans definetly add to this overall feel, but really, these clothes speak for themselves. My favorite look has to be the long shift maxi dress a deep-v neck. This dress could be worn from a wedding right to the beach, it’s minimalistic shape gives it such versatility.  My second favorite closely follows the first, the white dress with the interesting gathered neckline and cropped jacket paired with slides is just perfect. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to wear this collection? I’m obsessed.

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