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Fashion Meets #BlackLivesMatter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, police brutality against African Americans has been an ever-present issue in the United States. Racism is not new, and police killing innocent black people isn’t new, but because of social media the information spreads immediately and to the masses. It seems like every other day there’s a new headline that somebody black was shot and killed by a white officer.

I love the Black Lives Matter movement because of its simple message. We do matter. It’s 2015, and you’d think by now we wouldn’t have to keep trying to prove that we do. It’s incredibly frustrating, saddening, confusing, etc. that with the one or two steps forward we’ve made since slavery, we’ve had to take 10 leaps back. And it doesn’t start and end with the police, when you hear about the BLM movement, we’re talking ALL black lives. That means black women, trans, or disabled black lives.

Fashion and this movement come together in the latest additions to the BodiBand brand, which I wrote about here. BodiBand has added a Black Lives Matter component to their line of T-shirts and wrist wallets. Get them here, and rock them to class, or a protest. Check out how my boyfriend and best friend model them below!

If you believe black lives matter, and everyone should be treated fairly despite their skin color, speak out! World change starts with us.
























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