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Trendy 3D Printed Eyewear Just in Time For School

Don’t you wish your glasses were as lightweight and sleek as your phone? “ClearVision Optical, global distributor of nearly a dozen eyewear brands sold in 40 countries worldwide, announced the launch of Aspire Eyewear—a new brand that offers a ‘barely there’ fit and feel with optical and sunglasses frames that are lighter, thinner, stronger, and more pliable than anything previously launched in this market.”

Aspire Eyewear is created with “SDN-4, a specially designed nylon material proprietary to the brand. Cutting-edge design for the label was made possible through the use of advanced 3-D printing capabilities—reducing prototype lead time from two months to 20 minutes in some cases, which allows for design responsiveness to eyewear trends in each moment.”


Aspire ‘Connected’ in Crystal Matte








Click here to find a store closest to you. For more colors, and style options click here. 


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