Staying Healthy in College

backtoschoolseries2015The freshman fifteen… everyone talks about it and dreads it equally as much. Honestly, when I first headed off to school I heard way too much about this subject for my liking. Gaining weight as you get older is completely natural, but staying healthy and fit is still possible as your freshman year rushes by you.

Pretty much the main reason people gain weight they don’t want in college is due to the major lifestyle changes they face. If you were really active in high school and didn’t need to watch what you ate, and those habits carried on into college without the exercise, that could definitely affect your body in a way you may not want. You don’t need to constantly work out to be healthy though! A few times a week is usually fine, and you can gage the amount of times and intensity based off of what works for you.

A lot of the time college students gain weight from unhealthy eating and snacking habits. There seems to be a plethora of junk food one can munch on while at school. It’s better to avoid it if you’re trying to stay health conscious. You don’t need to eat less food, just healthier food! And, let’s be honest, if you are partying and drinking all the time, it obviously can have some negative repercussions on your body. Living a healthier lifestyle is extremely doable, you don’t need to be the model, muscular, typical fit jock to be a healthy young person!


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