Back-to-School Series
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High school style Vs. College style

backtoschoolseries2015When thinking of a way to post about the difference between high school fashion and college fashion I will admit that I got stuck. I’m not that old but back when I was a freshman in high school Hollister was still one of the “IT” clothing brands to wear. Nowadays there are high school girls dressing better than college girls, but that’s just because times are changing and people are becoming more mature faster than the way it was circa 2009. Although things are different, I do realize a few remaining variations  between college style and high school style.

  1. In high school everyone follows the same trend VS. In college everyone dresses according to their own style.
  2.  In high school “going out” consist of regular jeans and a cute top because let’s face it your probably just going to a friend’s house whose parents are out of town VS. In college “going out” can mean many possibilities so heels or wedges are a must!
  3. In high school you don’t need to put much thought in a outfit for the weekend VS. In college where you are going and who you are going to be with is important! At least for me I wonder “Am I going to be on my feet all night”? “Is the hot bartender working”? “Are we staying local, or going downtown”?
  4. In high school there’s usually a dress code of some sort VS. In college you can’t get sent home for a too short skirt.

What other style difference can you think of between high school and college fashion? Leave a comment below!


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