Back-to-School Series
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Before You Leave For College Make Sure You Bring…

backtoschoolseries2015So before you head of to the magical land of [insert the town your college is located] you need to make sure you have these things.

  • Hairbrush—when I left for school I completely forgot about this. My mom bought me another one because it’s not something that needed to be shipped to me. But now since I’m at home I have two hairbrushes and I can’t make myself throw one away because they still work. Needless to say be smart, remember this so you can save some space in the bathroom at home.
  • Socks—my sister went all the way to Maryland for school and forgot to bring her socks. My mom shipped my sister her socks, but she had to borrow other people’s socks until the package arrived.
  • Nail clippers—your nails do grow! And when they painfully break off you’ll think, maybe I should have listened to Laura and remembered to put them in my bag.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste—when you leave for school you’re (hopefully) going to brush your teeth. Put the toothbrush and toothpaste in a plastic bag right after you brush. Otherwise you won’t have one at school. Toothbrushes are cheap and easy to replace. But if you have a wonderful mom like mine who purchased a nice electric one, you’re probably going to get downgraded.
  • Your school I.D.—we all LOVE seeing your new I.D., and so do the people that give you your room key. Your I.D. gets you basically everywhere. For me if I didn’t have my I.D. I couldn’t get into my building or get lunch, breakfast or dinner. It’s super embarrassing to have to get a new one on move in day, so bring your I.D. so you can at least delay the embarrassment.
  • Your actual I.D.—speaking as a completely objective third party observer, parties do get busted. If you’re there and **god forbid** a cop comes up to you and asks for proof of identification, yeah a school I.D. isn’t going to cover it.
  • Actual school supplies—welcome week is super fun, but after that life gets really real. Let’s no forget that you’re paying a boatload of money to get an education, so be prepared (in all honesty you really can’t be fully prepared for the first week so do your best).
  • Chargers—DO NOT FORGET these. Out of everything on this list this is probably one of the most important ones. You forget this you’ll have to buy a new one and they’re not cheap!
  • A positive attitude—when I moved in I was just like “ehh”, it didn’t seem exciting or anything. College is a place of learning and growing, thus making me less excited to be 5 and half hours from home. But I found out, and you will too, that college becomes your new home; friends become your family. It’s a super fun experience if you let it be!
  • Your brain—bring it! Yes college is great and weekends are super fun, but you’re not paying $30,000 a year (that’s the median btw) to go to parties all the time. You actually do have school where you do get graded on tests and quizzes.

In addition to this list, double-check everything! Before you leave your house make sure you do a last minute rundown, because it would be super sad if you remembered everything on this list but forgot something that I forgot to put on this list. I hope you enjoy your school year, make lots of friends and do well in school!

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