Back-to-School Series
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Our New School Year Resolutions

backtoschoolseries2015School is right around the corner, (I move in my new apartment this week! Classes begin the following week) and here at Inexpensive Chic, we’re reflecting at last year and thinking about what we want to accomplish this time around. Have you thought about your new school year resolutions? Share them with us below!


Remain on the Dean’s list.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Make sure I have time for myself, instead of jumping from balancing work, classes, projects, meetings, etc.


Spend more time improving and perfecting my portfolio.

Utilize my time more wisely. When I have spare time see if I can use it to work on a project instead of doing nothing.



Prioritize balancing my social life along with my academics. I want to be able to spend more time studying efficiently and becoming more productive, and less of a procrastinator.

Start doing yoga everyday! I like working out, but LOVE yoga. Unfortunately, I don’t make it important enough in my life to set aside time to do it on a regular basis but I really want to start making it a habit.


Go to bed by at least 10:30 when I have an 8am class the next day.

 Gym 3-4 times a week (wear workout clothes to class on campus, go straight to gym during breaks).


Don’t freak out and stress over every project deadline.

 Do enjoy my time in college, and not take it for granted.


To feel confident and ready for job interviews so I can do the best I possibly can.

Start making more of my own meals! I’m excited to cook with my roommates and try that out.


Study. Study. Study. I think I made my mark on campus with all of the clubs I was in. I met a lot of great people and experienced a lot of great things. Now, it’s time to really be focused.

Spend more time to myself! Last year, I was the Olivia Pope of the campus. I was always there in my friends time of need to fix their problems. Yes, I was destined to help others but I cannot help anyone without helping myself first.

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