Back-to-School Series
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Melissa’s BTS Wishlist

backtoschoolseries2015Getting everything together for when school starts back up can be a bit stressful. There are so many items that we need, it becomes overwhelming. As part of our back to school series I put together a list of items that I consider to be my top priority for back to school.1) A Long Black Cardigan


1) Black Cardigan

I’ve been searching for the perfect black cardigan, or light jacket, that I can layer to transition through the seasons. Luckily, I have been seeing a bunch of new options popping up at different stores.

black2          Boohoo, $35.00       black1            H&M, $49.99          black3

        Tobi, $32.00

2) A Classic Satchel

I am always on the lookout for basic bags that can match with a lot of outfits because I don’t love changing bags every day. Finding a satchel without large metal details gives me the freedom to pair it with any jewelry. For the school year, I need a bag that can fit my large laptop and all of the other things that I always seem to be carrying around.

      bag2                  Aldo, $30.00               bag1H&M, $59.95     bag3

                                                                          Boohoo, $40.00

3) A Pencil Skirt

I want a long pencil skirt in a substantial fabric that I can dress down with a tee shirt for class, or dress up with a blazer for work.

pencil1      Forever21, $17.90     pencil2American Apparel, $42.00   pencil3 Missguided, $10.00

4) New Apartment Decor

As I’m preparing to move into a new apartment this year, I am also searching for some great posters to bring with me! There’s nothing better than being surrounded by inspirational images all day, so I looked to Etsy to find amazing original and vintage fashion posters.

poster1 Etsy, $25.00   poster2Etsy, $12.44  poster3

   Etsy, $7.50

5) Graphic Sneakers

Running around campus all day can definitely take a toll on my feet, so I was so happy when sneakers came back into style. I want a pair of neutral, graphic sneakers to wear casually during the day for running around and working out.

sneaker1 Nike, $64.98       sneaker2         Adidas, $53.99       sneaker3

                                                                             Nike, $80.00

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