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F/W ’15 Burberry Prorsum, Zero + Maria Cornejo, See by Chloé

As a part of the Back To School series, Niyah and myself are reviewing our favorite Fall ’15 runway collections. Although these are runway collections, they are meant to set a tone for what the season is going to look like and what you can expect to see in stores in terms of color scheme, fabric choices, and design. I love runway, and it inspires my everyday wardrobe, and I hope it inspires yours as well. Don’t be shy in commenting your favorite Fall ’15 collections, and telling us what you think of ours!

Burberry Prorsum

Often times I find myself only falling in love with half a collection, and it breaks my heart to say that this is one of them. I love the neutral tones, specifically the earthy greens and browns used throughout the collection, but I am not a big fan of navy blue. The navy blue made me fall out of love with it; I’m not going to lie, but in a way made the feminine, Beauty and the Beast inspired collection work. And by the end of the collection, I fell back in love with the sheepskin, delicate lace dresses with gorgeous silhouettes, and leopard-printed coats. Christopher Bailey, you never fail to make me fall in love with your concepts and designs. These are my favorites:

Burberry_Prorsum_005_1366 Burberry_Prorsum_006_1366 Burberry_Prorsum_007_1366 Burberry_Prorsum_009_1366 Burberry_Prorsum_017_1366 Burberry_Prorsum_018_1366

Read more about Burberry Prorsum’s 2015 Pre-Fall Collection here

Zero+Maria Cornejo 

Thanks to, I found this amazing designer. I loved her use of rose prints along with beiges, dark grays, and whites. This Japanese  and nature inspired collection definitely has a city feel to it, with its architectural designs and use of pencil skirts and outerwear. But there’s also a sense of softness that the collection has, which makes it truly a work of art.

Maria_Cornejo_01_1366 Maria_Cornejo_02_1366 Maria_Cornejo_06_1366 Maria_Cornejo_10_1366 Maria_Cornejo_13_1366 Maria_Cornejo_15_1366

Read more about Zero + Maria Cornejo’s 2015 Pre-Fall collection here

See by Chloé

It’s no secret how much I adore Chloé, and now that the production of See by Chloé is back under the amazing brand of Chloé, I have an even deeper adoration for the two. This feminine, flirtatious collection full of lace, ribbed knits, and washed denim just screams me! It’s an extension of the main line’s Spring collection, according to, which is quite evident because of its heavily blushed palettes, but it still feels like a Pre-Fall collection with the coziness of the reversible outerwear.

See_by_Chloe_001_1366 See_by_Chloe_005_1366 See_by_Chloe_007_1366 See_by_Chloe_008_1366 See_by_Chloe_014_1366 See_by_Chloe_019_1366 See_by_Chloe_022_1366 See_by_Chloe_024_1366 See_by_Chloe_026_1366

Read more about See by Chloé’s 2015 Pre-Fall collection here

I hope you all can pull some inspiration from these gorgeous collections!

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