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F/W ’15 J Crew, Organic by John Patrick, Thakoon

backtoschoolseries2015As part of the back to school series, we’re going to look at some of my favorite Fall ’15 collections and review them. These posts can serve as inspiration for your back to school shopping, or inspire you to work with what you already own and style a similar look for the upcoming season. Let us know what you think of our picks. Did we miss the mark or are we on target? Which brands/designers are you loving at the moment?

J Crew

This collection designed by Tom Mora is incredibly eclectic, sophisticated, and vivid. I think I am in love. In the past when I thought of  J. Crew I would think preppy. Like overly preppy. Not really fashion forward, just nice, expensive, pieces that weren’t really my style. My view has done a 360. I would wear 95% of what this collection showed. From the neoprene turtleneck sweatshirt paired with a pleated mini, to the pep bismol pink paired with violet. So fresh!

Organic by John Patrick

John Patrick makes clothes women actually want to buy and wear. He takes basics all of us need, like a trench coat, trousers, cardigan, white button down, and gives them an updated twist. Much of his tailoring was done in a lightweight neoprene, a great fabric choice for this season, and he’s introduced seamless clothing such as leggings and tube skirts, and made them luxe.


There’s something very cozy and comforting about Thakoons fall line. The pieces almost look like they were thrown together, and just work. It’s effortless. It’s also a little bit grunge. For example, the oversize wool coat, with the plaid dress underneath and the long knitted scarf. I could definitely rock this in the colder temps.

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