Back-to-School Series
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Autumn’s BTS Wishlist

backtoschoolseries2015I will be starting my second year of college at the end of this month. Last year, I did not have anything on my wishlist besides “moving away from SC”. This year, I actually have a few things I want.

1. A Faux Fur from

Luc fur

NorthEast Ohio gets cold mid September so I need to be ready to embrace the cool air with style. LucLuc has a catalog of amazing faux furs. I need at least one for those icy fall days at school.

2. Mirrorless Camera

Mirrorless camera

I have this dream of becoming a daily fashion blogger. It’s very hard trying to record videos with my phone and the little storage space I have. I need a camera that will be good for recording everyday vlogs and fashion lookbooks.

3. My Fashion Fabrics Textbook

fashion fabrics

This one isn’t at the top of my list because I really dread the price. This is the textbook I need for one of my fashion labs. Hopefully some money will fall from the sky so I will be able to get this one.

4. All White Bedding

white bedsheets

I want my bed to look and feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. I’ve been looking for some affordable white bedding for the past year and I have yet to find it.

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I’m a part time fashion vlogger on YouTube (Youtube Name: Autumn Ashli) . I am also a poet and I perform with a new Kent State organization called “POETREE”. I enjoy working fashion shows and photoshoots with my friends in my spare time.

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