Back-to-School Series
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Brandi’s BTS Wishlist

backtoschoolseries2015Getting everything together for when school starts back up can be a bit stressful. There are so many items that we need, it becomes overwhelming. As part of our back to school series I put together a list of items that I consider to be my top priority for back to school.


1. This Denim skirt from H&M is a must have for me! I am a big fan in incorporating 70’s pieces into my fall wardrobe. To me this skirt can be worn to class or during a night out with friends.

back to school 1


2. At first glance you are probably thinking “I would never wear those in a million years” Trust me I did too. It didn’t take me long before I realized that this was the perfect gym shoe to be stylish and comfortable around campus without having to wear whatever dirty gym shoes you own. You can pretty much find this style of shoe anywhere, just keep an eye out!

backtoschool 2 back to school 2.5

3. Simple as it gets. I must have a tote bag to carry around campus for things that are too delicate or personal to keep in my backpack.

back to school 3
4. I stress less often when I have my schedule written out in front of me. I make sure that I have my new planner a week before classes start.

back to school 4

5. Let’s face it, campus bathrooms and classrooms can be gross. I always keep a small sized hand sanitizer from bath and body works in my bag at all times

back to school5

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