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Minimalist Apartment Decor

backtoschoolseries2015Decorating your new apartment or dorm room can be an exciting time, especially if you have been dying to change up your current room’s design. When it comes to interior decorating, I find that I get a little bit overwhelmed by all the gorgeous and unique pieces of furniture, and I want to buy it all! With being on a budget though, I have to stop and ask myself what is it that I really need and feel like would be a representation of me. Just like your wardrobe, you want it to be a reflection of who you are, but that in itself can be tricky if you still aren’t sure of who you are (and that’s ok because let’s face it, if you’re entering college or already in it, this is the time when you truly are finding who you are). Anyhow, you want to make sure that your personality and the pieces that you choose all flow together.

A popular trend that has swept the fashion and interior design world is minimalism, and it is amazing for college students who want to have an affordable, sophisticated yet organic and clean looking room or apartment. And with being busy with school work and enjoying yourself on the weekends, who wouldn’t want a design that doesn’t require you to have to clean up every other day?!


Minimalist decor doesn’t call for a bold color scheme, and it doesn’t call for massive furniture pieces. It is really all about living with less. What I adore about this decor trend is that it allows for you to add statement pieces here and there because it acts like a clean canvas for your home. This is where adding a touch of your personality comes into play. For me, I love the organic feel of a room with clean walls and tons of leafy plants. Since I am an artsy person who loves cultures and yoga, I add statement pieces that don’t take away from the design but add a little bit of a personal touch. Just to let guests know that I live there. Therefore, my design would include neutral colors, reclaimed wood, lots of plants, and vintage pieces of art.

LOU10  tumblr_nj8s80fdoJ1tw77uzo1_1280

What’s great about it all is that you don’t have to go to fancy furniture stores to achieve the minimalist look. There are plenty of interior decorating and home stores that you can find well priced furniture pieces. Ikea is an amazing place to find clean and simple pieces for an affordable price. Also, places such as Home Goods and Hobby Lobby offer a good range for decorating pieces. A must is to search vintage shops around your area for those unique furniture pieces or even your everyday essentials. They are often  priced amazingly well and offer furniture pieces that could turn into DIY projects!


My friend Sarah Harper recently moved from Michigan out to California to go to school for fashion buying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), and just like me, she is obsessed with the minimalist trend. So it was a perfect opportunity for her to give her apartment a fresh look. Here’s a peek at her apartment that she has recently moved into:


IMG_9782                       IMG_9781


IMG_9784What do you think of this decor trend?


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