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F/W ’15 Alice + Olivia, Chloé, Sonia Rykiel

backtoschoolseries2015As a part of the Back To School series, Niyah and myself are reviewing our favorite Fall ’15 runway collections. Although these are runway collections, they are meant to set a tone for what the season is going to look like and what you can expect to see in stores in terms of color scheme, fabric choices, and design. I love runway, and it inspires my everyday wardrobe, and I hope it inspires yours as well. Don’t be shy in commenting your favorite Fall ’15 collections, and telling us what you think of ours!

Alice + Olivia

Words can’t even describe how much I love Stacey Bendet, the incredible designer behind the high end brand Alice + Olivia. She never fails to impress me each season with her designs. Most of her collections are eccentric  based with hints of  playfulness in the patterns and prints she uses. Her fall collections are always stunning, and this season is no exception. This fall her collection contained a vintage 70s feel with almost a glam rock edge to it, and her Ready to Wear line had more of a Victorian-vintage edge. I love  both Pre-Fall and Ready To Wear Fall 2015 collections because they are easy for me to pull inspirations and must haves from!

Alice_Olivia_01_1366 Alice_Olivia_09_1366 Alice_Olivia_13_1366 Alice_Olivia_21_1366 alice-olivia-02-1366 alice-olivia-04-1366 alice-olivia-05-1366 alice-olivia-06-1366 alice-olivia-25-1366 alice-olivia-27-1366 alice-olivia-33-1366 alice-olivia-34-1366


By far Chloé is one of my top five brands. The color palette for Chloé is heavily neutral based with the exceptions of mustard yellows, emerald greens, an deep reds used in this collection. It has a sense of boho chic meets desert romance to it, but I also feel as though the usage of suede, snake skin, leather, and fur adds that fall touch to it, which I find nice and almost bold in a way (for me at least) for Chloé.

chloe_008_1366 chloe_009_1366 chloe_010_1366 chloe_011_1366 chloe_012_1366 chloe_017_1366 chloe_018_1366 chloe_022_1366 chloe_023_1366

Sonia Rykiel

As for my love for Sonia Rykiel, it is quite new. I was browising and came across her collection for last season, and it was like a newfound obsession had just emerged. What does it for me is the color palette, which must be neutral based or soft in color, the patterns and prints used, and the simplicity and conformity of the overall collection when looking at it on a board. Her fall 2015 collection showcased a 70s era theme, which will explain a lot: from textured tights that elongate the legs, flared skirts, and fur coats this collection has it all. I would probably wear all of it to be quite honest.

Sonia_Rykiel_001_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_005_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_006_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_007_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_010_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_016_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_020_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_022_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_023_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_024_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_025_1366 (1) Sonia_Rykiel_027_1366

For more of these amazing and beautiful collections, check out and stay up to date with fashion shows and designers!

chloe_015_1366 Alice_Olivia_22_1366 Sonia_Rykiel_002_1366

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