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F/W ’15 Apiece Apart, Elizabeth and James, Adam Lippes

backtoschoolseries2015As part of the back to school series, we’re going to look at some of my favorite Fall ’15 collections and review them. These posts can serve as inspiration for your back to school shopping, or inspire you to work with what you already own and style a similar look for the upcoming season. Let us know what you think of our picks. Did we miss the mark or are we on target? Which brands/designers are you loving at the moment?

Apiece Apart

Designers Starr Hout and Laura Cramer can never go wrong in my book. Each season they create wearable collections that are basics with a twist. If you’re into comfortable, elevated fashion, this brand may serve as inspiration for you. For fall I’m loving the oversized silhouettes and long hemlines. The pieces are fairly conservative, but details like laser cutting and asymmetry, and spurts of color make it sexy and fresh.

Elizabeth and James

Mary Kate and Ashley’s brand, Elizabeth and James is one of my top five favorite brands. I especially love how minimalistic this collection is. The polished tailoring and clean lines are breathtaking. I could imagine myself growing into this more adult style, dressed in these pieces for work and then drinks after. Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but seriously. So chic.

Adam Lippes

Adam Lippes designs understated, luxury clothes for those who want to look stylish, but not too trendy. I’m loving the leather hooded coat, wool-cashmere flared pants, and the subtle slits you see on the side of some dresses, skirts, and tops. Simple. Clean. Beautiful.

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