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Nordstrom BP Anniversary Sale Event

Many of you all may know that Inexpensive Chic’s very own Editor-In-Chief, Niyah Jackson, was a member of the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board a few years back (read about her experience here), and I am proud to say that I am a Nordstrom BP Fashion Ambassador for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year! By being able to intern with such a notorious department store that holds well-known and high-end quality brands allows many doors to open and insight into what the fashion industry is really like, and with all of that being said… I can’t wait for what the year brings!


Until my first meeting, which is August 22nd, our department manager, Caitlin, reached out to all of us by e-mail about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. She sent out an invitation for all Nordstrom BP Fashion Ambassadors and their friends and family to come out to Nordstrom at Somerset for the sale, and those who come would get 10% off of their purchase as well as a free gift! And the ambassador who brought the most guests would receive a $100 Nordstrom shopping spree! Of course I took it to social media, spreading the word about the sale in hopes that some of the people I knew would come out and support me, but I was more so excited that the program was in a way, sort of starting (I am so incredibly eager to start)!

When the day came around, which was Saturday the 18th of July, I had a bit of a sleepless night. Therefore, my entire morning routine was thrown off, and I was in overall sour mood. I didn’t even know if it was worth going since it was an hour and a half away, and I was already running behind. Let me tell you, I was way past being done with everything: My hair wouldn’t curl on one side; my face was dry from not doing my normal skincare routine, so my makeup started to cake up; and I had no idea on what to wear! The morning turned into a bit of a disaster and resulted in crying out of stress; me running on four hours of sleep; doing my makeup in the car (winged eyeliner is hard enough without moving, okay?), and being in a not so cheery mood.

In the end though, everything sort of came together and my family, excluding my father, made it to Nordstrom. When I got to the BP department, I met Rebecca, the assistant manager who interviewed me, and she gave me a BP bag full of goodies and samples (tons of Chanel samples as well as Versace and Hermès perfume samples) as well as my 10% off coupon and all was fine. I took a glance at the list, and I noticed two things: there were only about five BP Ambassadors, and I was tied with another girl. Not caring to worry, I began browsing and finally after going through the motion of picking up and putting back, I decided to pick up a very loose blouse in a dusty purple color from the collection Lush. Everything from the color to the style screamed my name, and not to mention the price was unbelievable!


The sale was amazing and tons of fun, and even though I’m pretty for sure I didn’t win, I still had a blast browsing Nordstrom’s new fall collection. Oh, which reminds me, also in the bag that they gave us, they had a couple runway fall fashion trend cards for both men and women in it for us! I wish I would have taken pictures of the new displays and my #ootd, but I’m such an in the moment kind of person that I forget, but I will remember the next time I go, which will be very soon!


I am over the moon excited to share my journey interning with Nordstrom with you all, and I hope you all enjoy reading and watching it just as much as I will enjoy experiencing it.

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