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10 College Struggles as Described by ‘Mean Girls’

Struggle One: Meeting New Friends

cady mean girls

Starting on move in day until the end of the first semester you will meet a lot of new people. It’s not hard making friends your freshman year because everyone is friendly. I call this a struggle because everyone hate the “getting to know someone” stage of a friendship.  Hair Color Mean Girls

You will have a lot of people ask random questions about you but you’ll have to bare with it because they probably never met anyone as fabulous as you. Especially if you’re an out of state student.

Africa Mean Girls

Struggle Two: Transportation

Walking Mean Girls

A lot of freshmen bring their car to school their first year but I did not have that luxury. I was 600 miles away from home and I had no idea where anything was. The bus became my best friend since my college offers free city bus passes with your school id. It’s a great idea but getting on a bus and not knowing where it was going is scary. Then we had this phase when everyone wanted to get taxis to take us places. Then cash started running low. Eventually, everyone ended up getting ZipCars. If your school have this program, sign up. They have student discounts and it will save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Struggle Three: Running Out of Money on Your Meal Plan
Butter Mean Girls

Make sure you have a big enough meal plan. I had a basic meal plan and still ran out of money as fast as the people with the light meal plans. It’s not cool having only $8 on your meal plan and three weeks of school left. You will start eating any and everything you can find. You will befriend people just because you heard they’re buying people food. It’s just sad. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with this.

Struggle Four: Gaining Weight

Sweatpants Mean Girls

The dreaded freshman fifteen is very real. I did not gain a lot of weight at school but I know people who did. If you care about your weight then you might want to make sure you schedule in a workout routine at least once a week. Trust me, it’s hard trying to get back into shape after the weight hit you. Colleges offer physical education classes that range from Zumba to Yoga. Kill two birds with a stone, boost your GPA and keep your figure. Loose Weight Mean Girls

Struggle Five: Wanting to Go Home and be a Kid Again

Mom Come get me Mean Girls

When the excitement of being in college wears off, you will hate it. You will then realize that life is no longer fun and games. You now have responsibilities and you have to make your own life changing decisions. You will feel this way around midterms and finals, mainly because campus begins to slow and quiet down. new mean girls

No worries. You will go back to loving college when these two stressful times are over.

Struggle Six: Halloween Madness

Bunny Mean GirlsHalloween is just a big event at public colleges. A night filled with parties, fun outfits and crowds. My college is moderately big but not the biggest in the state. I believe they were three times as many people there that night as they are in the entire school. I wish I was exaggerating on this estimate. The entire week is filled with mass meetings on safety, alcohol abuse, rape and police etiquette. The entire college is locked down and filled with security guards (which is a good thing). People act insane when they drink in a panda costume. Some campuses have riots, so make sure you attend a Halloween safety meeting.

Im A mouse mean Girls

My biggest priority that night was to have the best costume. I wanted to look clever and warm! Northeast Ohio in the winter is freezing and I refuse to walk around in lingerie all night and be sick all week. Playboy Bunny costumes are a nice idea if you’re somewhere warm, inside or have a car but I didn’t. So it’s safe to say, I will be covered up every Halloween.

Bride Mean Girls

Struggle Seven: Being Thirsty At Parties

Drink mean Girls

Believe it or not, some people go to parties just to dance. At the beginning of the school year, I was just hype about being in college. I wasn’t worried about drinking. Believe me, alcohol is not that hard to get a hold of at a party but you have to be careful. The fun frat parties are always to capacity. You barely have enough room to move so you will get tired fairly easy. Whenever I would go to the kitchen to look for some water, people who threw the parties got defensive because they assumed I wanted their alcohol. Other parties will give you a random cup because they assume that’s what you want. Do not take any type of open drink from anyone unless you’re at the drive thru at McDonalds. So if you don’t drink, bring your own bottle of water to be safe.

Struggle Eight: That One Bad Teacher

sex mean girls

You’re going to have a bad teacher, hopefully you will only encounter one. Everyone knows which teacher this is because everyone will drop this class within the first two weeks. I don’t believe in Rate My Professor simply because people have their own opinions. Just because someone had a bad experience with this teacher does not mean that you will. That person could have not liked that teacher because they did not apply themselves or a number of other personal reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Nonetheless, if you do have a teacher you do not like you might want to take action. If it’s the teaching style, try finding another professor who teaches the class or get tutoring for the class. If it’s because you do not like how the teacher treat you as a person, you might want to leave the class and talk to another trusted authority about your situation. After all, you’re paying them for the class.

Struggle Nine: Dating in General

Shaking Mean Girls

You’re a fabulous freshman, of course people are going to hit on you but it’s not all going to be respectable. Guys will approach you at a party and whisper in your ear without popping a mint beforehand. It’s hard to find respectable guys to date because a lot of people are not looking for a relationship. Why should they? They’re only 18-19 year olds and this is probably their first time without a curfew. Let them enjoy themselves but know your worth. Do not settle for how anyone is treating you just because they are giving you attention. Go out and have fun, no need to rush a relationship.

Liking Somone Mean Girls

If you decide to skip the entire dating part, chances are you are not the only one but be safe. Your RAs will be the main ones to make sure you are safe with your “activities”. Your college probably will have a week dedicated about sex education. Try to attend at least one of the events, you might learn something new.Condom Mean Girls

Struggle Ten: Not Having Money To Go Places

Taco Bell Mean Girls

The absolute worst thing is not having money to do fun things. The highlight of my weeks are going places that take my meal plan.


Cheer up! Everyone go through these problems and they’re not that big. You have your entire life ahead of you. High School is over and this is only the beginning of the best part of your life. Have fun!

love ya mean girls


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    Omg this was an amazing article!! It was so accurate and very interesting, the author did an amazing job, you can just tell she has lots of talent!!😉😘 Keep up the great work!😁

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