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My Style Crush // Marina Diamandis

Marina (of Marina and the Diamonds) has to be one of my biggest style crushes. She is always looking fabulous and she knows it. I would describe her current style as modern glam. The outfits she wears are very over the top, and normally you wouldn’t wear them for an everyday occasion, but she rocks them unapologetically.

image via

image via

I wish I had half her confidence and elegance to wear these statement pieces as she does. Lately she’s been sporting lots of tight, shiny fabrics, crop tops, and focuses her style mainly on bold statement pieces.

image via

image via

Some of my personal style is inspired by Marina, I have a few garments and accessories I like to wear on the occasion that remind me of her style. A pair of Doc Martens boots, and some sunglasses from Pixie Market.

This is such a fun, attention-grabbing, style to wear. Marina isn’t my style crush simply because she’s stylish, she’s an icon. She’s independent, honest, career-driven, and insanely chic. She exudes femininity and confidence. That’s inspiring style.

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