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How to Care for Your Lingerie

Staying chic without breaking the bank has a lot to do with finding inexpensive clothing options while shopping. However, you can also be a great deal more efficient at maintaining a stylish wardrobe on a budget if you’re particularly careful about caring for the clothes you already have!

For a lot of women, clothing care is a pretty basic concept: wash, dry, fold, wear, repeat. And generally, this does the trick. But with certain items, such as most of the lingerie you might wear on a day-to-day basis, more hands-on care can go a long way. These sorts of garments are usually thinner and more vulnerable to being stretched out, torn, etc. So in this post, we’re going to look at three simple but effective tips for lingerie care that can keep your wardrobe refreshed and appealing while saving you from spending more money at the store!

1. Obey The Labels

This sounds like just about the most obvious step in the world, but then again it’s one many of us actually can’t follow, for one of two reasons. For some, it’s because it’s common to cut tags out of lingerie garments to stop them from causing itching; and for others, it’s because the instructions on these tags grow worn and faded pretty quickly anyway. But as pointed out in Design Mom’s tips for handling unmentionables, the manufacturers know best how to handle each garment. The tags will typically tell you vital information like which temperature of water is best, how to dry the piece, etc. So here’s the trick: it sounds tedious, but if you’re going to cut out your tags, label them and keep them in a small bag or bin wherever you do laundry. It’ll only take a few seconds to consult them when you need to!

2. Wash By Hand When You’re Able

This is recommended by most anyone who’s experienced the difference in durability for garments washed by hand and by machine. In Adam & Eve’s own guide for lingerie care, the process was outlined a little more specifically in a way anyone can follow: wash garments in lukewarm water, use mild soap or delicate fabric wash, gently squeeze out excess water, and lay out to hang or dry. Yes, it involves a little bit more effort than simply tossing clothes into a machine, but this process provides the gentlest possible care for lingerie. It will also help your items to last longer, as well as maintain their comfort.

3. Dry With Care & Caution

We’ve already covered the idea of laying lingerie out to dry, but just to emphasize the point, it’s important to never use an ordinary dryer machine when dealing with these types of garments. This was a very strong point made by lingerie boutique owner Claire Chambers as part of a lingerie treatment interview with Harper’s Bazaar. She prefers no machines be used whatsoever, stating that she doesn’t believe there are any lingerie fabrics she’s comfortable throwing into a washer. But with regard to drying, she recommends never using the dryer, as well as never hanging garments up (which can stretch out straps and fabrics). The best way to go about it is to lay everything flat and wait patiently.

With these simple tips in mind, you can keep your lingerie comfortable and in fine form for quite a long time. You’ll be happier wearing it while saving you from another shopping trip!

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